Liam Neeson Four Film Collection Boxset Pre-owned (£1.96 @ Amazon sold by MassiveBooks

Liam Neeson Four Film Collection Boxset Pre-owned (£1.96 @ Amazon sold by MassiveBooks

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Liam Neeson stars in this action-packed international thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. When his estranged daughter is kidnapped in Paris, a former spy (Neeson) sets out to find her at any cost. Relying on his special skills, he tracks down the ruthless gang that abducted her and launches a one-man war to bring them to justice and rescue his daughter.

Offers English audio description.

The A-Team
They’re armed, dangerous...and downright crazy. Buckle up for an adrenaline-fuelled, action-packed thrill-ride starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Sharlto Copley. Convicted by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit, a daring team of former special forces soldiers must utilize their unique talents to break out of prison and tackle their toughest mission yet. It’s going to take guts, split-second timing and an arsenal of explosive weapons--this is a job for The A-Team.

Offers English audio description and Italian language dubbing and subtitles.

Rob Roy
Academy Award nominee Liam Neeson and Best Actress Oscar winner Jessica Lange give extraordinary performances as the legendary hero who refused to let his enemies destroy his honour and the loyal woman who gave him the courage to fight. When a harsh winter threatens the majestic Scottish Highlands, Rob Roy McGregor (Neeson) is forced to borrow money from the less-than-noble Marquis of Montrose (John Hurt) to provide for his clan. But when Montrose's henchmen (Tim Roth) conspires to take the wealth for himself, Rob is thrust into the most challenging battle of his life: one that escalates into an exhilarating climax that will captivate you to the film's final frame.

Offers French, German, Italian and Spanish language dubbing and Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish and German for the hearing impaired subtitles.

Kingdom of Heaven
An epic film set in Europe and the Middle East, Kingdom Of Heaven follows one man's struggle to better himself and the world around him. Orlando Bloom stars as Balian, a French blacksmith who is mourning the deaths of his wife and baby when his estranged nobleman father (Liam Neeson) arrives and asks him to join the Crusades in Jerusalem. Mindful that conducting the Lord's work will help him atone for his sins, Balian agrees and embarks on the perilous journey. Along the way, he reveals his gifts of inherent goodness and fair treatment of all human beings. Upon reaching Jerusalem, a city where his meagre beginnings no longer matter, Balian earns respect and fealty while secretly courting the capricious wife of the ruthless Guy de Lusignan (Marton Csokas) who seeks a way to destabilise the uneasy Christian-Muslim truce brokered by King Baldwin (Edward Norton) and wage war against his religious enemy...

Director Ridley Scott bring the scale of his previous epic Gladiator to this film while confronting hundreds of years of religious conflict. At times controversial in both its content and production difficulties, populated by an all-star cast and held together by a sterling central performance from Orlando Bloom, Kingdom Of Heaven is a multi-faceted classic of a humble man who chooses his fate, instead of accepting the fate given to him at birth.


A bargain price for a special set of skills.

Hey electro not for me but I'm hot great price oO


Hey dvds are still fine its when your voting on betamax you should be worried

I've taken you up on the deal!



DVD rips are, by some distance, the cheapest and most convenient way of watching films on a tablet. Heck, £2 isn't a terrible price for a set of 4 Liam Neeson-themed drinks coasters…TK0. GREAT series too if you have Amazon prime and like Taken movies. Sorry for hijack have some heat from me

Cheapest price now is £3.17 + £1.26 p&p.

Deal needs expiring ...
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