Libratone Zipp (Full Size) Bluetooth/AirPlay/Streaming Speaker | £144.18 | eBay, Vodafone

Libratone Zipp (Full Size) Bluetooth/AirPlay/Streaming Speaker | £144.18 | eBay, Vodafone

£144.18eBay Deals
Found 2nd Jan 2017
Portable speaker with Bluetooth, AirPlay, DLNA, Streaming (Wi-Fi), Analogue (3.5 mm jack) and USB inputs. Internal Lithium battery gives 10 hours freedom from the mains or plug it in for continuous music.

Sound quality is on a par with the Sonos Play 3 but packs in far more connectivity options. Like the Sonos system these can be connected together into groups (up to 6 speakers) to playback music in multiple rooms.

Lots of bass from the compact dimensions and the 360 degree design fills most spaces. Well worth a listen if you have never heard them before.

Add an Amazon Echo Dot to get full voice control of your music. The combination will sound better than the Amazon Echo speaker.
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Good price, got these recently and well worth it at this price - buy 2!
The voting on this site is impossible to fathom! There are only a few factors to consider if something is a deal or not:

Is the deal a good price? (Tick, as £169 on Amazon.)

That is it but there seems to be some other criteria used:

Is the item esoteric? (Most vote cold for Yes and hot for No.)
Is the device an Apple product? (Vote down for Yes and up for No.)
Is the device Android based? (Vote up for Yes and down for No.)
Is it a known make? (Vote up for Yes and down for No, even if it is well known but the voter has no idea!)
Is the item a one off deal? (Vote up, the bigger the wild goose chase the better or vote down if not.)

This seems to be the fundamentals of this site. A big improvement could be made if you could only vote cold by giving a comment.
Some may be considering an Amazon Echo speaker but this Zipp paired with an Echo Dot will be better sounding and far more flexible, due to the portability and range of inputs.
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