Lidl  1.5l pure Orange Juice - Half price only 69p

Lidl 1.5l pure Orange Juice - Half price only 69p

Found 15th Sep 2009
Cartons of Lidl orange juice are reduced to half price ay only 69p for 1.5l.

This is made from 100% fruit and from concentrate.

Very nice juice. I'm sure this came top in a recent taste test but can't find a link or anything.
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bought it yesterday and it's very nice.
Yes, this stuff is good.:thumbsup:
Bargain price.
Heat added.
this is good OJ for the price
CHAT magazine

Solevita Orange Juice
Rating: 8 out of 10 - Second Place
"We liked this big family-sized pack filled with a slightly sharp but nevertheless well-flavoured juice."
I like this orange juice is a little sharp though and can leave your cheeks with a funny feeling if you drink too much
although I love the stuff

It occasionally gives me hearthburn , great deal mind
Lidl have got some good deals atm
Last weeks 2L pepsi for 50p was fantastic!!

The Muller stuff is overpriced at 2 packs for £5 they were much cheaper in Morissons you do have to be careful
Good for the price but I like freshly squeezed not concentrate.
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