Lidl - 4 bottles of Hobgoblin 500ml for £3.99

Lidl - 4 bottles of Hobgoblin 500ml for £3.99

Found 4th Sep 2012
In Lidl 4 bottles of Hobgoblin for £3.99 500ml each , usually best price around would be 4 for £5.

They also have a mixed Ale box which contains Hobgoblin and other well known ales for £14.99 consisting of 12 bottles, 2 of each ale.
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very nice beer for a pound a bottle ... heat added
Stay away from the Ginger Beard, its horrid.

Stay away from the Ginger Beard, its horrid.

"What's the matter Lager Boy, afraid you might taste something?"
Actually, I have to agree, Ginger Beard has a taste I would rather not acquire!

Great price for Hobgoblin though OP, have some heat.
Anyone thats into their dark stuff, b+m have tetleys porter in at 1.39 a bottle, tremendous slurp. Stronger then the old goblin like.

Potent is the word.
A decent brew and a bargain price.
Excellent find - love the Wychwood stuff, especially Hobgoblin. Haven't tried Ginger Beard yet though... I may go for the £14.99 box - just have to find my nearest Lidl!
Also spitfire, pedigree and bishops finger I believe. Worthy of some heat
Cold...No such offer ... Lidl doing 3 bottles for £3.99....NOT 4 bottles......which makes a big difference
Lidl all beers 3 bottles for £3.99
3 bottles not 4. 300 degrees for misreading. Hilarious
Dosy *********

Dosy *********

I blame the voters
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