Lidl 50% off sale (Southampton only?)
Lidl 50%  off sale (Southampton only?)

Lidl 50% off sale (Southampton only?)

Lidl in Soouthampton (Totton branch) have a 50% off sale today and tomorrow! (I don't know if they have similar sales elsewhere)

Sale only applies to non-food specials, excludes gardening & horse products and anything originally sold after 1st March 07.

Basically it's anything and everything that they have had left over from their weekly specials!


Can quite often get some decent deals with these sales - well worth a look. Thanks

-9.6??? What? Do you want him to get you a free train ticket to southhampton aswell or suhin?

Can't understand why cold - added some heat 'cos i think it deserves it!

voted hot cos itts worth a look

Thanks for the local post - appreciated - Rep & voted HOT! :thumbsup:

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Also they have up to 70% off their fruit and veg at the moment!
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