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Posted 29 November 2022

LG 55” 4K UHD Smart TV 1 Model: LG 55UQ75 £349 instore @ Lidl

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    Currys and JL price match this easy
    I use to work in Currys for many years as technician and they will find 100 reasons not to do price match:) my advice is to speak straight away with the store manager
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    My in-laws bought this from Lidl earlier in the week. Theirs at least, has 3 hdmi ports - two sideways mounted and one that going straight out towards the wall.

    On a separate note, the first thing they did was order the magic remote
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    ANY tv without a 5 year warranty will cost you big time if it goes wrong, no matter what`s wrong with it.
    JLP would be my choice for buying this, even if it is £81 more.
    Where else could you buy a 5 year warranty for £81?
    I had a slight problem with a tv from JL after 3 years, their repairers couldn’t fix it. JL refunded me the whole cost of the tv. I brought another tv from them with £38 in my pocket.
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    If you’re looking for stuff like this always ask if there’s any in the back. Some stores won’t keep them on sale because they will walk out the door.
    When they had the T-bone steaks, the manager got six from the storeroom for me. He says that they try to limit the number of high value items because shoplifting is a very big problem for them.
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    Mini stock update -

    None in Loughton (they suggested Fencepiece Road)
    None in Fencepiece Road they sent them all to Hornchurch that morning!
    Seven (now 6) in Hornchurch. There were several 43" Toshiba too

    WFH late long lunch hour!
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    2 x HDMI ports and 1 x USB...... That's crazy (edited)
    Looks ok here lg.com/uk/…6lf
    The LF usually comes with a magic remote, LA or LB without, confusing as hell
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    It will be fun pushing a 55" TV in a Lidl trolley!
    Even more fun if you ain't got a quid and have to use a basket
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    For those who have reached their Lidls Coupon Plus spend this month (or are due to), they could use this for a further £20 off
    Yep, done that!
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    WebOS on this TV is pretty poor and laggy though. I have this exact TV and it's a pain.

    Also the remote is terrible. It's so squashed and all the buttons feel the same so you have to keep looking at the remote, even after weeks of using it.
    Get a magic remote.
    Who would use a standard crap remote
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    HaHa classic HUKD. I posted this deal 2 weeks ago, and then moderators decided that it was misleading because Lidl made mistake in descripion - Lidl originally advertised it as 55UP75.
    Pity, because there was a lot of comments from those whou bought this TV during Black Friday week, including mine one. But the original deal is gone now...
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    Bought x2 of these for family members yesterday, had loads of stock in perry bar/ hamstead road. Asked a member of staff for assistance. They used a pallet truck to carry to car.
    I thought it was recession time.
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    You can get one even cheaper. I bought a hisense 55" from Very with new customer 20% off for £264
    and you get a 2yr guarantee with the hisense
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    Checked a few local stores and can't find one.
    Can anyone recommend a good alternative?
    55" up to 400 budget
    You said 55 but just in case can get away with 50inch?

    Higher spec model

    (main difference to Lidl one seems to be an extra usb slot and magic remote comes included-happy to he corrected if there are any other differences)

    for less money.

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    Good price - £429 at Currys and John Lewis
    They will price match and also give you guarantee, so you can have new TV every year .
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    How long is Lidl's warranty?
    It says 1 year on website.
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    Hi all, anyone know which store have the deal? I can’t see in mere green store, thanks all
    I got this from one of the Sheffield stores, none out on the shop floor but asked staff and they had several in stock.
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    Very very tempted by this. Does anyone know how this compares to a QLed screen?
    As LG's tend to use IPS panels, it's probably pretty good with respect to viewing angles. Of course, this comes at the expense of black levels. I'm not sure if the QLED you are talking about is IPS or a VA panel.
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    Flipping bargain I was looking at the 43 inch version the other day on lg site same price.
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    Available in NI?
    I'm assuming they were, going by this posting which lists some of the same deals. Although I can't be the only one thinking why is listed now when Black Friday was last week. The NI posting was a week ago refering to the deals, although I was on Holidays out of the country so had not paid any attention.

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    Is this a a good TV overall? Planning to buy 43 inch.
    It's a current year entry level TV from LG. I've had one, but unfortunately had pixel issues from factory. Aside from that it seemed a decent TV for the price range. Obviously black levels were very average, but that's to be expected.
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    After 14 months roughly, the led backlight lenses would disattach themselves. Notoriously.
    How is this resolved? Is it repairable?
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    Top TV for the price. 🔥🔥🔥
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    Only 2 HDMI (edited)
    It actually has three, two down the side and one at the rear. God knows why they list it as only two.
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    scan as banana at self-checkout
    Nah one bread roll from the pick mix bakery
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    329 at argos
    Where are you seeing this?
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    Has anyone unboxed the TV bought from Lidl store?

    Am surprised the website says 2xHDMI while all other websites say 3xHDMI ports for LG55UQ75.

    Must be something to do with the model exclusively sold by Lidl. In that case it should not be compared with the £429 one, am I missing something?

    48879589-YIX6Z.jpg (edited)
    They some times list wrong specs I've had it b4. This is what I found .

    Best to always do u own research like on every deal just to be sure:)

    48881077_1.jpg (edited)
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    Anyone know if I could use the 10% off next shop voucher on this? It expires tomorrow so considering grabbing one tomorrow as my TV is on its last legs
    Yes you can I did it on an Emma mattress. The maximum you get off is 20 quid
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    If you are tempted...and you like the screen .then don't forget a 4k fire stick can replace the inbuilt interface and make it a whizzy bang upto date TV (re. Apps and voice control )
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    @Cymrodan Yes I think you can. The T&C are on the Lidl app. Main exclusions are alcohol for vouchers. (edited)
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    If this is an LED TV I wouldn’t bother LGLED TVs junk
    Good morning Mr Happy
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    Which would be better between this and the TCL 55C635K deal on here? hard to decide
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    Did anyone who bought one get a pack of m6 screws in the box? Looks like it should have come with some.
    Yep bought one yesterday and it had the screws in it, 4 screws. Nearly missed it.
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    What would this be like for console gaming?

    referring to xbox series s, nintendo switch.