Lidl breadmaker - £24.99 in-store @ Lidl
Lidl breadmaker - £24.99 in-store @ Lidl

Lidl breadmaker - £24.99 in-store @ Lidl

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First post so be nice!
* 850 Watt bread maker, bakes 2.75lb/1.25kg loaves
* Features include:
* - LCD control panel
* - 12 programme settings with 90 programme variations
* - 15 hour time delay function
* - Quick bake programme
* - Gluten-free baking programme
* - Crust browning control
* - 1 hour keep warm function
* - Automatic fruit and nut reminder
* Includes instructions and recipe ideas
* 3 year manufacturer's warranty


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gone up in price, was only £20 in december,, but has got 9/10 rating on most sites, so seems to do the job!

for an extra fiver you can get a
Morphy Richards 48245 Compact Coolwall Breadmaker 1.5lb
from amazon..

much better!

Hi Shaysmum! I like this breadmaker, as it makes rectangular loaves. They are so much better to cut than the square ones which are normal for breadmakers. So voted hot!

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Thanks froglet, i take it you have one, what strong flour do you use, i picked up the lidl own brand - have you tried it?, any suggestions are greatly appreciated

Do notice this makes LARGE loaves - ie 2.75lbs. As such it'll be a BIG object to keep in your kitchen and will probably have TWO agitator/mixing/kneading spindles, which are what cause the damage/hassle at the bottom of one's home baked loaves.

(I speak from experience of a large one a couple of years back from Aldi where the mixer TOTALLY refused to come off its spindle despite following all tips of their helpline (eg oil spindle) and hence ruined loaves trying to get them out of the tin so back it had to go. I ended up with a Morphy Richards that was a lower 1-1.5lb capacity AND had a kneader thats meant to fold itself down out of the way, though typically it doesnt, but doesnt stick either. Still recommend home baked loaves - have to re-learn gran's skill of using a bread-knife though!)

Someone commented re a Morphy Richards model on Amazon. Can also get a £25'ish one (1-1.5lbs) from Argos and pay a few quid for a 3yr warranty (which the Lidl one will come with) and have comfort of just popping back to your local Argos if/when it fails.



Sorry m8 but I had a Morphy Richards one.....it ended up in the bin.
I have a Bifinet one ( Lidle) and it works fine.
Liddle flour is ok but tends to be dearer than Tesco, ASDA etc ( 48p ) for 1.5kg.
I did see it at 48p in Lidle recently but that price may go back up.
Mind you, I never got a good result from bread mixes and I find best results from using Doves Farm Quick Yeast 125g packet from Tesco, about £1.
It does lots, small loaf at about 1 and a 1/2 teaspoons of yeast.
I keep it in a plastic container in the fridge to help keep it fresh.
Good luck
Re sticking paddles. When tin is cooled down I cover the paddles with water, the bread softens and the paddles come out ok.
You could also, remove the paddles after the final kneading. About 25 mins into cycle.
I used to do this but can't be bothered now.

Looks very similar to the cookworks one i got from Argos for £25, and i have no complaints with that ! :thumbsup:

Just abit info needed ,I had fancied buying one of these a while back , but this price seems OK .How long does it take to make a loaf ? and is it worth all the trouble ? . I buy bread quite a lot but it nevers seems to last very long in the fridge and with the cost of bread going up I wonder if I should buy one .Of course , with the cost of milk rising too , wonder if I should buy a cow ! . Any about for £24.99 ?


It takes about 3hrs 30/50 mins to bake a loaf, depending on the type you are baking.
Hm, you wanna cow?
How about my ex? Only 10p

"Hm, you wanna cow?
How about my ex? Only 10p "

Sold , can I pay by Paypal ? Do I get warranty ?


No, she's no pal of mine.
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