Lidl Campo Largo Baked Beans Multibuy 4 tins for £1.28

Lidl Campo Largo Baked Beans Multibuy 4 tins for £1.28

Found 15th Dec 2012
Lidl Campo Largo baked beans, multi buy of 4 tins for £1.28 in store.
Saving you 32p on this multi buy.
These are really tasty beans compared to some super markets own.

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Sorry but have you tried saver brands in other supermarkets? I have and at 28p a differance!
Sainsburys own are awful, so yes there is a difference with other supermarkets.
Nice deal, shame the Branston deal ended as they're good especially the deal at a similar price to this for 4.
I like the Lidl ones because the are actually full of beans instead of just bean juice.
With some supermarket own brands you hardly get any beans in them and some of them taste odd.
And for the price of Heinz nowadays I'd rather stick to my Lidl ones
Lidl ones are pretty great. I agree that Sainsbury's value ones are awful - I buy Tesco's cheap beans (26p I think) which are so much better. My local Lidl is doing a multi buy: 4 tins for £1.04.
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Alternately, 3 x 410g Branston @ Tesco for £1 if you prefer them (until 2/1/13)
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Best own brand supermarket baked beans in one,s opinion is waitrose
Bonners @ 29p normal size tin and 19p for small ones from B & M.
I love the Branston beans but they never seem to be on offer near me x
Lidl's are no longer selling Campo Largo Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce:
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