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Lidl cutting price of vegetables to 19p - Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots, Sprouts and Swede / Deluxe Mini Roasting Potatoes 15p 1.5KG

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LIDL now joining in on the Vegetable price wars, instores from 15th December

  • Potatoes – 19p
  • Parsnips – 19p
  • Carrots – 19p
  • Sprouts – 19p
  • Swede – 19p

Lidl will reduce the price of its British Carrots (1kg), British Parsnips (500g) British Mini Roasts (1.5kg), British Swede and the all-important British Brussels Sprouts (500g) to 19p

Ryan McDonnell, Chief Executive Officer at Lidl GB, said: “This year, like always, we want to help shoppers enjoy the highest quality products for the best value. We know everyone wants to enjoy a special Christmas meal together.''

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  1. Avatar
    If your worried about them going off as it's a bit early then prepare them and freeze.One less job Christmas morning.
  2. Avatar
    Let's hope they haven't cut the size the parsnips where the size as McDonald's chips last year
    Parsnips roast really well when you cut them up small and have them like (oven) chips still. I prefer to cut all my roast veg up small for a bigger crispy surface area ratio as well as them cooking a bit faster.
  3. Avatar
    Let's hope they're not just screwing over the producers...that would be the last they'd need as costs of fertilisers and fuel have skyrocketed.
    Usually these type of offers are loss leaders, to get people instore. Hopefully paying them well, i agree
  4. Avatar
    Here in Edinburgh i am yet to see any Brussel sprouts that are decent/priced ok... Not seen any at Lidl or Aldi and the Sainsbury's ones were rank? Is that what you guys experience too?
    Sprouts need a hard frost to bring out the best flavour.
    Not had a good frost until this week in many parts, so hopefully will be ready to crop now.
  5. Avatar
    Lovely Perthshire swedes at Lidl, also the potatoes, sprouts and shallots look excellent.
  6. Avatar
    The carrots from Lidl always smell of dampness. I never buy them from there. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    At those prices I'm going to buy/cook extra to freeze - carrot & swede mash, roast parsnips & mash/roast spuds freezes beautifully - just hope there's no power cuts!!
  8. Avatar
    Lidl is the worst for fruit and vegetables by a long margin. The choice is limited and quality not on par with other supermarkets.
  9. Avatar
    Veg wars commence!
  10. Avatar
    Aldi reckon they have generally cut their margins to the bone, the checkout queues are almost always very long in Paignton - and that is with Sainsburys and Asda a short walk away, Iceland (their bigger version, forget the name) and Lidl 10-15 minutes walk away. Having said that I usually buy my veg and fruit in Asda, their essentials range and out-of-date discounted stuff (plenty of life left in it) tend to be cheaper, or cheap enough not to waste twenty minutes queuing in Aldi to save the odd 5p. I do like to look through Aldi's tools for bargains, though.
    Queues are more about rationalisation on staffing cost than popularity although Aldi are generally the cheapest at the moment
  11. Avatar
    The absolute worst place to buy veg from. No thanks.

    I’d rather get the cut price offerings from M&S/Sainsburys/Asda even if they are a few pence more.
  12. Avatar
    Thanks Andre
  13. Avatar
    would have love a cauliflower reduced too. In lidl you only get offers available in morning than after 4pm its empty baskets.
  14. Avatar
    How is that possible!
    All the super markets do it every year in December...It's just surplus of veg the supermarkets buy...tk sell on cheap so they still make a profit...They have been doing it for over 18 years in the uk
  15. Avatar
  16. Avatar
  17. Avatar
    Smelly house on 16th then if you go for the last 2 options!
  18. Avatar
    Website doesn't give a price yet. Must be expecting a price war again.
  19. Avatar
    All supermarkets do this every year. Why is it being reported as if it's something new this year? Out of touch media people
  20. Avatar
    Bargain. Thank god I'm on a day off work that day.
  21. Avatar
    Big deal
  22. Avatar
    Aldi are doing theirs from Sunday for 15p - potatoes, sprouts, carrots, parsnips & red or white cabbage.
  23. Avatar
    If there is no queue, I wouldn't touch Lidl or Aldi's fruit & veg with a barge pole. I'm sure it's old before it's even delivered to their shops. Asda fruit & veg all the way for me
  24. Avatar
    Better at Sainsburys, with red and white cabbage also
  25. Avatar
    Brill, just remember to get in there, grab what you need and get out
    Don't forget to pay first
  26. Avatar
    Maybe I've missed it but Sainsburys are already down to 19p, however 2.5KG bag of potatos for 19p!
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