Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
LIDL DEALS 15-21st Aug - Lemon 65p, Mushrooms 69p, Beetroot 59p, Celery 35p |||| 22-28th Aug Mixed Salad 55p, Easy Peelers 99p, Potatoe 69p
595° Expired

LIDL DEALS 15-21st Aug - Lemon 65p, Mushrooms 69p, Beetroot 59p, Celery 35p |||| 22-28th Aug Mixed Salad 55p, Easy Peelers 99p, Potatoe 69p

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

LIDL DEALS 15th August Thursday - 21st August Wednesday

Fruit And Veg

Lemon 500g 65p
Closed Cup Mushrooms 350g 69p
British Bunched Beetroot 500g 59p
British Celery 35p

Dry Aged British Beef Bone-In Sirloin Steak 400g-500g £6.75 (450g Steak)
British Chicken Breast Fillets 590g £2.49
2 British Beef Rump Steak With Mustard Butter 454g £4.99
British Beef Lean Steak Mince 5% Fat 750g £3.39
2 Ultimate Wagyu Beef Steak Burgers 340g £3.40
Scotch Beef Mince 25% Fat 1kg £2.19 SCOTLAND STORES ONLY

Super Weekend Saturday 17th August - Sunday 18th August
Chilean Pedro Jimenez 75cl £3.19 Was £4.29
Chicken Breast Slices 180g £1.39 Was £1.95 (Chargrilled, Tikka)
Argentinian Torrontes 75cl £3.69 Was £4.99
Pecan Nuts 200g £1.49 Was £2.99
French Sauvignon Blanc 75cl £4.39 Was £5.89 SCOTLAND STORES ONLY

United Office Printer And Copy Paper 500 Sheets 80gsm £2.99 Or 2 For £5
Powerfix Profi 3 Socket Extension Lead £2.99
Sharp 32Inch LED HD Ready Smart TV £129
Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage £59.99 Was £89.99

Street Food
Gyoza Dumpling £1.69
Calzone With Provolone Salami & Ricotta £2.49
Arancini With Bolognese-Style Filling £1.69
Prawn Skewers In Crispy Coconut Coating £3.99
Calzone With Provolone Salami & Ricotta 250g £2.49
Loaded Fries 300g £1.99 (Chilli Cheese, Tex-Mex Styles)
Mixed Tempura Vegetables 250g £1.99
Arancini With Bolognese-Style A Fillet 300g £1.69
Courgette Flowers With Mozzarella & Anchovy Filling 300g £2.49
Prawn Skewers In Crispy Coconut Coating 240g £3.99
Gyoza Dumplings 400g £1.69 (Chicken & Pork, Spicy Vegetable & Tofu)
Mini Sicilian Cannoli 132g £1.99


LIDL DEALS 22nd August Thursday - 28th August Wednesday

Fruit And Veg

British Mixed Baby Leaf Salad 125g 55p
Fun Size Easy Peelers 1kg 99p
Fun Size Tawny Tomatowls (Small Tomatoes) 250g 75p
Ayrshire British Baby Potatoes 750g 69p

4 British Steak Burgers With Blue Stilton 454g £2.69
Back Bacon 2x 250g £1.99 (Smoked, Unsmoked)
Caribbean Jerk British Chicken Thigh & Drumsticks 1.4kg £3.99
10 Outdoor-Bred British Pork Sausages 667g £2.49
Pound Of British Beef Rump Steak 454g £4.99

Super Weekend Saturday 24th August - Sunday 25th August
South African Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl £2.99 England & Wales Only
2 Gammon Steaks 350g 97p Was £1.95 (Unsmoked, Smoked)
Sotma Cider 500ml 99p (Strawberryt & Lime, Mixed Fruit) England & Wales Only
Crisps Deal In Link (Credits To Suniil) hotukdeals.com/dea…813
French Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 75cl £7.99 SCOTLAND STORES ONLY
Deluxe Scottish Ice Cream 94p SCOTLAND STORES ONLY
Sotma Cider 500ml £1 (Strawberryt & Lime, Mixed Fruit) SCOTLAND STORES ONLY

Sharp 40inch Full Smart LED TV £229
80L Galvanised Steel Incinerator £14.99

Greek Week
Pastry Swirl 1kg £2.49 (Spinach & Cheese Swirl, Cheese Swirl)
Spinach Parcel 1kg £2.49
Cheese Puff 1kg £2.49
Greek Cheese Slices 570g £1.99
Cheese Cubes In Oil 375g £1.99 (Pepper & Chilli, Olives & Herbs)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml £3.99
Leek & Cheese Swirls 680g £1.49
Pitted Green Olives 1.6kg £2.99
Whole Kalamata Olives 450g £1.99
Kritharaki Noodles 500g 79p
Greek Ready Meals In Tomato Sauce 280g £1.19 Or 2 For £2 (3 Flavours)
Tzatziki 250g 99p
Greek-Style Soft Cheese In A Crispy Coating With Tomato Dip 350g £1.99
Moussaka 380g £1.99
Stonebaked Kebab Pizza 330g £1.29
Meatballs With Tzatziki Filling £1.79
Gyros Rice Dish 750g £1.79
Squid Rings 700g £4.99
Octopus 160g £1.79 (Spicy Sauce, Soya Oil)
Cretan Blossom Honey 450g £3.99
Greek Pastries In Syrup 400g £2.99 (Roxakia, Touloumpakia, Kourkoubinia)
Almond Halva 250g £1.99
Caramelised Nuts 120/150g £1.49 (Almonds, Peanuts, Hazlenuts)
Baklava Assortment 250g £2.49
Zachos Ouzo 70cl £12.99
Mythos Beer 6x330ml £4.49
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Thank you

Again, will prob be giving lidls a miss for the next2weeks but thanks for your effort
The roof box for £99 isn't too bad. Pity there aren't any reviews for it. Heat added either way.
Cheers for the list OP much appreciated!(y)
Disappointing that they removed vanilla pastry swirls from their greek range :/
Thanks ocean great post as always thank you for your time and effort
Once again- all rather disappointing! Much as I hate to say it- looks like I will be sticking with Tescos offerings- much better quality and cheaper!
Thanks for posting.
Will be going for the pecan nuts, great price.
Thanks as Always 💐
Brill, thank you. Last week's wagyu burgers were tasty x
Good spots
Thanks for doing this OP.

I'm looking forward to Greek week.

p.s. previous lists also much appreciated - great value on last weeks' offers: pork loin (£2.99/kg), which were excellent and had such good fridge-dates that I bought 2 packs
Weekend special deals are getting worse and worse!!
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