LIDL DEALS 9-15th March Lemons 69p, Apples 69p, Mini Veg 69p, Echalion Shallots 69p |||| 12-11th March Kitchen Towels 4 Rolls 99p, Refuse Sacks 99p |||| March 16-22nd Spinach 69p, Leak 69p, Speciality Broccoli 69p, Baking Potatoes 69p kg

LIDL DEALS 9-15th March Lemons 69p, Apples 69p, Mini Veg 69p, Echalion Shallots 69p |||| 12-11th March Kitchen Towels 4 Rolls 99p, Refuse Sacks 99p |||| March 16-22nd Spinach 69p, Leak 69p, Speciality Broccoli 69p, Baking Potatoes 69p kg

Found 9th Mar 2017
LIDL DEALS 9th Thursday March - 15th Wednesday March

Fruit And Veg
Oaklands Lemonss 500g 69p
Oaklands Premium British Apples 4 Pack 69p
Oaklands Mini Veg 150g 69p
Oaklands Echalion Shallots 500g 69p

Buffalo Chicken Wings 600g £2.39
2 MSC Cod Fillets £1.99
British Beef Mince 500g £1.29
2 Gammon Steaks Smoked 350g £1.35
2 Gammon Steaks Unsmoked 350g £1.35
12 Aberdeen Angus British Beef Meatballs 360g £2.49
Chicken Breast Joint with Butter, Mixed Pepper And Sea Salt 640g £4.99

Super Weekend Up To 50% 12th-11th March
Bardolino Classico DOC 75CL £2.99
Purio Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 10 Pack 99p
Floralys Kitchen Towels 4 Rolls 99p
Dulano Bavarian Bratwurst 300g 99p

LIDL ST Patricks Day
- Irish Ham Fillet (Unsmoked, Smoked) 2kg £6.79
- Burts Hand Cooked Guinnes Flavour Potato Chips 150g
- Tayto Hand Cooked Potato Crisps 99p (Chedder & Sweet Onion, Roast Beef & Peppercorn)
- Guinnes Drought Stougt 15x440ml £12.49
- Magners Irish Cider 568ml/500ml £1.49 (Pear, Berry)
- 8 Irish Recipe Sausage 454g 85p
- Traditional Crumbed Irish Ham 200g £1.89
- Deluxe Irish Cream Liqueur 70cl £6.99
- Irish Mature Red Cheddar 400g £1.89

LIDL Alpen Fest Ataste Of The Allps Week
- Bavarian Pork Sausage 400g £1.79
- Bavarian Style Meat Loaf 400g £1.99 (Fine Pork, Coarse Poultry)
- Smoked German Bockwurst 540g £1.69 (Pork, Chicken & Turkey)
- 4 Bavarian Bratwurst 400g £1.99
- Austrian Sliced Sausage Selection 150g £1.49
- MSC Hake Fillets With Lemon And Dill Butter 250g £3.19
- Kabanos Smoked Salami 250g £1.79 (Cheese, Chilli, Classic)
- Bavarian Speciality Sausages 280g £1.99 (Chilli, Classic)
- Pork Sausages With Emmental 360g £1.79
- Mini Pork Escalopes 400g £2.49 (Classic, Ham & Cheese)
- Pork Wener Schnitzels 750g £3.99
- Smoked Air Dried Ham 600g £7.99 per kg
- Curry Bockwurst 220g £1.19 Or 2 For £2
- Austrian Ham Selection 180g £1.79
- Smoked Mini Salami Sticks 2x125g £1.79 (Regular, Spicy)
- Alpenfest Ready Meals 750g £1.99 (2 Flavours)
- Potato Rosti Sticks 350g £1.99 (With Apple Sauce, WithBacon)
- Bernese Rosti Smoked Bacon & Emmental Cheese 500g £1.99
- Classic Rosti 500g £1.79
- Cheese Platter 240g £2.99 (Bergkase, Emmental, Swiss Cheese & Sennkase)
- Sliced Mild Swiss Cheese 150g £2.49 (Emmentaller, Appenzaller, Le Gruyere)
- Soft Cheese 100g/125g (Pepper, Chives, Pineapple)
- Traditional German Noodles 500g 99p (Egg, Pot Noodles)
- Black Forest Gateau 750g £2.99
- Crumble Tart 1.25kg £2.99 (Plum, Apple, Cherry, Custard)
- Swiss Chocolate Bar 100g 99p (Dark, Milk, White)
- Roasted Nuts 150g £1.49 (Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds)
- Waffle Sandwich 4x75g £1.99
- Biscuits Or Florentines 125g/175g £1.79 (Florentines, Hazelnut, Almond Biscuits)
- Viennese Style Apple Strudel 375g £1.79
- Black Forest Sweet Cherry Schnapps 70cl £14.99
- Fruit Schnapps Selection 4x40ml £5.99 (Black Forest Cherry, Plum, Apricot & Raspberry Schnapps)
- Sweet Selection Box 440g £3.29
- Festbier & Stein 950ml £4.99 (Includes Glass cup And Drink)
- Nussettos Wafers 100g £1.49 (Milk, Dark)
- Wheat Beer 500ml 99p
- Festbier 500ml 99p

LIDL DEALS 16th Thursday March - 22nd Wednesday March

Fruit And Veg
Oaklands Spinach 250g 69p
Oaklands British Leak 750g 69p
Oaklands Speciality Broccoli 200g 69p
Oaklands British Baking Potatoes 69p per kg

2 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kiews 260g £1.09
British Beef Lean Diced Steak 400g £1.99
Smoky BBQ Pulled Pork 380g £1.59
MSC Haddock Breaded Fish Fillets 300g £1.35
MSC Cod Breaded Fish Fillets 300g £1.35
2 British Beef Rum Steaks 440g £5.79
British Pork Loin Joint 800g £3.99

Super Weekend Up To 35% 18th-19th March
Toujours Size 3 Midi Nappies 56 pack £2.79
Toujours Size 3 Junior Nappies 40 pack £2.79
Toujours Sensitive Baby Wipes 4x64 Wipes £1.29
Toujours Size 4 Maxi Nappies 48 Pack £2.79

LIDL Babby Essential Week
- W5 Ultra Sensitive Washing Up Liquid 500ml 49p
- Formal Baby Washing Powder 1.215kg £1.49
- Doussy Fabric Conditioner 99p (Sensitive Skin, Allergy Sufferers)
- Cien Baby Cream 150ml 75p
- Cien Baby Nappy Cream 150ml 75p
- Cien Baby Oil 300ml 99p
- Cien Baby Shampoo 300ml 45p
- Cien Bath 500ml 75p
- Cien Baby Washing Gel 500ml 69p
- W5 Sterilising Fluid 1L 99p
- Cien Aqueous Cream Moisturiser 500g £1.99
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Thank you.

I'm glad I'm away for the weekend of 18/19th March.
But, it will help many other.
No 29p cucumbers again.
Thanks for posting,....... but theres no great deals here. Lidl/Aldi weekly offers vary wildly from good deals to just very average at best.
Its becoming like a DFS "sale" nowadays.
Thank you.
Thank you op, appreciated, heat added
Thank you always appreciated
Two Gammon steaks for £1.35. Awesome!

Love these posts, keep them up mate.
Much appreciated - there's usually one thing in the fruit/veg list that is worth the trek - in this week the British premium apples are the more uncommon varieties such as Cameo, (red and tangy - in between Gala and Braeburn). They will store well. Nx week will go for the spinach.
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