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Posted 12 January 2023

LIDL DEALS - Asia Week, Mangetout 69p, Mango 59p, Blueberries £1.19, Blonde Bella Potatoes 89p, Red Pepper 29p, Spring Onions 39p

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

LIDL DEALS Thursday 19th Jan - Wednesday 25th Jan

4067623_1.jpgFruit And Veg (19th Jan - 25th Jan)

Mangetout 165g 69p
Mango 59p Each
Blueberries 150g £1.19
British Blonde Bella Potatoes 1.5kg 89p
Red Pepper 29p Each
Spring Onions 39p

Meat And Fish (19th Jan - 25th Jan)
XXL Pork Loin Joint 1.4kg - 2.4kg £4.49 Per kg
XXL 4 British Beef 30-Day Matured Rump Steaks 900g £10.99
XXL 8 Lamb Chops 680g £7.99
XXL British Beef Brisket Joint 1.2kg - 1.6kg £7.49
Deluxe 12 Dry Aged British Beef Meetballs 300g £2.99
Deluxe 2 Salmon Melt In The Middle Fishcakes 290g £2.39

Others (19th Jan - 25th Jan)

Burns Night (19th Jan - 25th Jan) Scotland Only
ASIA Week (19th Jan - 25th Jan) England Only

LIDL DEALS Thursday 12th Jan - Wednesday 18th Jan

Previous (Current) Week Deal In Link

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    It is annoying that Lidl don't ever do the Burns Night offers in England. I like a bit of haggis!
    Agreed I want some haggis!
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    Thanks Ocean, what a guy 🔥
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    Thanks your efforts are always appreciated
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    Thanks op great work
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    Thanks as always Ocean.
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    Thanks for posting, good to see British Blonde Bella Potatoes back in the normal 1.5kg packs and on offer (been just the more expensive Baking potato packs for months), they are my favourite spuds after Asda stopped their ES Marabel (and a lot cheaper).
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    Thank you
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    Top Guy
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    Thank you
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