LIDL DEALS December 15th-28th Carrots 29p, Parsnips 29p, Potatoes 29p, Echalion Shallots 29p

LIDL DEALS December 15th-28th Carrots 29p, Parsnips 29p, Potatoes 29p, Echalion Shallots 29p

Found 8th Dec 2016
Fresh Christmas Turkeys Instore from December 19th 2016


LIDL DEALS 15th Thursday December - 28th Wednesday December

British Carrots 1kg 29p
Echalion Shallots 500g 29p
British Mini Roast Potatoes 1.5kg 29p
British Parsnips 500g 29p

== A lot of these deals do not have prices, see instore for price

XXL British Pork Leg Joint 2.3kg-3.5kg £-N/A
XXL British Beef Roasting Joint 2kg-3kg £-N/A
XXL MSC Cod Fillets 300g £-N/A
XXL Whole Lamb Leg 1.8kg-2.7kg £-N/A
2 MSC Smoked Haddock Fillets With Chedder Cheese & Chive Sauce 290g £2.99

Others (Full List)
Deluxe Ultimate Pure Breed Broadland Free Range Bronze Turkey 4kg-6kg £-N/A
Deluxe British Free range Bronze Turkey 4kg-6kg £-N/A
Hand Plucked and Hung Free Range Bronze Turkey 4kg-6kg £-N/A
British Whole Turkey (S) 4.5kg-5.5kg (M) 5.5kg-6.5kg (L) 6.5kg-7.5kg £-N/A
Deluxe British Easy Carve Whole Duck With Pork & Fruit Stuffing 1.3kg £12.99
Deluxe British Whole Duck 1.8kg £5.99
Deluxe British Duck Crown 990g £4.99
Deluxe British Free Range Whole Goose 5kg £39.99
Deluxe British Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown 2kg-3kg £-N/A
British Turkey Crown (S) 1kg-2kg (M) 2kg-3kg (L) 3kg-4kg £-N/A
British Stuffed Turkey Crown With Bacon 1.5kg-2kg £-N/A
Whole Pheasant 600g £4.99
Deluxe British Free Range Boneless Turkey Breast Joint 2kg £29.99
Deluxe Three Bird Roast Turkey, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Bacon 1.4kg £19.99
British Turkey Breast Joint With Pork 1.1kg £9.99
Deluxe Sweet Cured British Gammon Joint 1.5kg £12.99
Deluxe 21 Day British Beef Boneless Rib Joint £14.99 per kg
Deluxe Cornish King Scallop With Roe 180g £3.99
Deluxe Smoked British Bacon Loin Joint 900g £7.99
Deluxe Scottish Salmon Roast 550g £6.99
Side Of Scottish Salmon 1kg-1.4kg £9.99 per kg
Boneless Gammon Joint 2.5kg £2.99 per kg (Smoked, Unsmoked)
Whole Scottish Salmon 2kg-4kg £4.99 per kg
Deluxe Goose Fat Roast Potatoes With Rosemary 800g £1.99
Deluxe Creamy Potato Dauphinoise With Gruyere & Garlic 450g £1.79
Deluxe Braised Red Cabbage 600g £2.39
Deluxe Vintage Chedder Cauliflower Cheese 450g £1.99
Deluxe Brussel Sprouts With Bacon, Pine Nuts 500g £2.99
Deluxe Honey Roast Parsnips 600g £1.99
Deluxe Stuffing Mix 130g 99p
Deluxe 8 Pork Cocktail Sausages, 8 Pork Stuffing Balls 392g £3.99
Deluxe 12 Pork Stuffing Balls 350g £2.19 (Cranberry & Apple, Sage & Onion)
Deluxe 18 British Pork Cocktail Sausages 270g £1.99
Deluxe British Sausage Meat 350g £1.99
Deluxe British Turkey Gravy 500g £1.49
Deluxe 12 Pork Cocktail Sausages 210g £1.99
Deluxe 12 Cheese Baceon & Rolls 169g £1.99
Deluxe Bread Sauce 300g £1.49
12 Pork Cocktail Sausages 230g £1.79
24 Pork Cocktail Sausages 340g £1.49
Deluxe Cranberry With Port Orange Zest 300g £1.49

Deluxe 6 Mini Bavarois 180g £2.19 (Chocolate, Fruit)
Deluxe Spiced Plum & Apple Sherry Truffle 750g £2.69
Deluxe Fresh Cheesecake 550g £3.49 (Belgian Chocolate, Belgian White Chocolate & Berry)
Deluxe Tiramisu 300g £1.99
9 Luxury Mini Chocolate Tarts With Gold Dusting 187g £1.79
Deluxe Bavarois 60g 99p (5 Various Flavours)
French Scottish Double Cream 600ml £1.55ml
Deluxe Madagascan Vanilla Custard 500g £1.49
Deluxe Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml £2.99
Deluxe Brandy Sauce With Courvoisier VS Cognog 500ml £1.25
Deluxe Extra Thick Brandy Sauce With Courvoisier VS Cognog 250ml £1.25
Deluxe Extra Thick Salty Caramel Cream 250ml £1.49
Deluxe Brandy Butter Courvoisier VS Cognog 200ml £1.25

Deluxe Mature Blue Stilton 600g £4.99
Deluxe Bouchons Du Quercy Goats Cheese 90g £1.59
Deluxe Cremeux De Normandie french cheese 150g £1.49
Deluxe Pont L'Eveque french cheese 220g £1.99
La Boite a Fromage french cheese 200g £2.19
Deluxe Camembert 290g £2.79 (Caramelised Onion, Sweet Chilli)
Deluxe Conserves For Cheese 100g 99p
Deluxe Scottish Biscuits For Cheese 250g £1.99

Party Time 60 Snack Selection 1.2kg £3.99 (Indian, Oriental)
Party Time 12 Mini Pizza 360g £2.49 (Ham, Pepperoni)
Party Time 12 Pig In Blankets 300g £1.99
Party Time 10 Gyozos 240g £1.99 (Chicken & Teriyaki Sauce, Vegetable & Plum Sauce)
Party Time 12 Chicken Skewers 240g £1.99 (Chicken Satay, Sticky Chicken)
Party Time 12 Duck Mini Spring Rolls 252g £1.99
Party Time Potato Skins 260g 99p (Cheese & Ham, Cheese & Onion)
Party Time 50 Cocktail Sausage Rolls 800g 99p
Party Time Onion Rings 670g 99p (Battered, Breaded)

Deluxe Smoked Salmon 150g £3.99
Deluxe Smoked Scottish Salmon Selection 240g £4.99
Iberian Platter (includes Iberico Ham, Loin Chorizo, Salchichon) 120g £2.99
Deluxe Platter 200g £2.99 (Italian Antipasti, Spanish Tapas)
Deluxe Outdoor Bred Pork And Cranberry Topped Pie 459g £2.89
Deluxe Premium Pate In Jar 175g £3.49
Deluxe 12 Quail Eggs £1.29
Deluxe British Wiltshire Cured Ham With Orange & Rosemary 900g £8.49
Deluxe 12 Mini Quiche Selection 240g £1.99
20 Mini Sausages Rolls 300g £1.19
10 Mini Beef Pastries 200g £1.19
Deluxe Prawn Platter With Marie Rose Dip 420g £9.99

2 For £5 Offer
- Deluxe Handmade Wrapped Prawn And Vegetable Selection 248g £2.65 2 For £5
- Deluxe Handmade Vegetable Snacks 236g £2.65 2 For £5
- Deluxe Handmade Wrapped Prawn Selection 180g £2.65 2 For £5
- Deluxe Handmade Prawn & Salmon Snack Selection 235g £2.65 2 For £5
- Deluxe Hand-Finished Oriental Duck & Chicken Part Selection 262g £2.65 2 For £5

Cimarosa Chenning Blanc (South Africa) 75cl £3.79
8 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Scotland) 70cl £18.99
Triple Oak Matured Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (Scotland) 70cl £17.99
22 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Scotland) 70cl £44.99
27 Year Olds Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Scotland) 70cl £49.99

New Years Eve Party Food Instore 29th December

Finally finished this post it took 3 hours to copy/write all these deals out :).
This is my longest post on HotUKDeals there may be some mistakes errors.
Thanks to everyone that reads my posts .
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always look forward to your weekly deals andreocean
Will pick up a few things from lidi its close to my dentist
They're great for fruit n veg, thx op
Thank you for the post. Heat alone for the work out in. I will be getting a couple of gammon joints. Thanks. Heat from me xxx
great work thankyou so much for
Thanks once again for all your effort always appreciated some good deals again
Yes thank you very much for your effort!!
Thank you op, appreciated, heat added

Will pick up a few things from lidi its close to my dentist

Wow same here! You in High Wycombe?
time to stock up on christmas clems

Wow same here! You in High Wycombe?

Damn - only bought mushrooms yesterday.

Still - I find Lidl fruit and veg to be great. Don't buy much mainstream supermarket stuff anymore.
Some good deals coming up
thanks for posting , good work
I bought some peppers the mother was very pleased
3 hours! give this man a vip badgemhes earned it! thanks
Thanks for a great list

Thanks for a great list

Thanks, new updated list.…227
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