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Posted 12 October 2023

Germany Week, Mixed Salad 49p, Courgettes £2.49, Aubergine 59p, Organic Carrots 79p, Swede 49p, Sweet Easy Peelers 79p

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LIDL DEALS Thursday 19th October - Wednesday 25th October

4216011_1.jpgFruit And Veg (19th Oct - 25th Oct)

British Crispy Mixed Salad 125g 49p
Courgettes 2 Pack £2.49
Aubergine 59p
British Organic Carrots 750g 79p
British Swede 49p
Sweet Easy Peelers 600g 79p

Meat And Fish (19th Oct - 25th Oct)
Birchwood 4 British Beef Rump Steaks 900g £9.99
Birchwood 12 Ultimate British Beef Meatballs 300g £2.99
Birchwood British Pork Belly Joint 800g £4.99
Birchwood 4 Minted Lamb Leg Steaks 600g £7.99
Birchwood 8 Pork Chops 1.4kg £7.99
Birchwood Diced British Chicken Breast 1.5kg £9.49

Others (19th Oct - 25th Oct)
Germany Week
(19th Oct - 25th Oct)

LIDL DEALS Thursday 12th October - Wednesday 18th October

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  1. scottydogg81's avatar
    When did courgettes get so expensive!!
    HereWeGoAgainOnOurOwn's avatar
    My thoughts also, but it does say £1.49 per kg so that works out to 835g each. More like marrows than courgettes!
  2. johnszi23's avatar
    Do you speak Germany?
  3. StevenStanley's avatar
    Thanks Ocean, what a guy 🔥
  4. DAPPAMAN's avatar
    Thanks op much appreciated
  5. geoffs11's avatar
    Thanks for posting as always. I'm hoping the Blonde Bella Potatoes are pick of the week soon, last year they appeared several times during the winter.
    beaversrus's avatar
    Like rare Pokemon.
  6. LoveMeRight's avatar
    Thanks as always, Ocean.

    Wonder if they're doing away with 'Alpine Week' and just going with Germany?
  7. YourWellWisher's avatar
    Nine mine heir!
    Sprecken zi english!
    😳 🙃👎🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😜 🤡🤡
    rupeeman's avatar
    Alice Klar
  8. tony211166's avatar
    Ze Germanz (edited)
  9. Michaelwr's avatar
    Every week is Germany week. If you check out the barcodes most products (exc meat and veg) are made in Germany identified by 13 digit barcodes begin with a 40-44.
    beaversrus's avatar
  10. HKSP5's avatar
    German week should have had some good sausages! Frankfurters and hamburgers! And some good beer!
    Mentos's avatar
    Get your chops around that
  11. heather_laurie's avatar
    Thanks as always
  12. davidoneman's avatar
    I was looking for some grunkole , metworst , currywurst , sauerkraut .
  13. The_Fish_Knows's avatar
    The British crispy mixed salad is exactly the German delicacy I think of during German Week.
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