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Posted 26 January 2023

LIDL DEALS - USA WEEK, Pomegranate 79p, Cherries 150g 99p, Baby Corn 130g 99p, Fine Beans 200g 99p, Kiwi 6 Pack 79p, Limes 5 Pack 79p

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

LIDL DEALS Thursday 02th Feb - Wednesday 08th Feb

4075737_1.jpgFruit And Veg (02th Feb - 08th Feb)
Pomegranate 79p Each
Cherries 150g 99p
Baby Corn 130g 99p
Fine Beans 200g 99p
Kiwi 6 Pack 79p
Limes 5 Pack 79p

Meat And Fish (02th Feb - 08th Feb)
Thick Cut English Rugby Beef Sirloin Steaks 340g £5.99
Deluxe 2 British Beef 30-Day Matured Picanha Steaks With New York-Style Dell Sauce 350g £5.49
12 Pork Loin Steaks 1.2kg £5.99
Southern Fried British Chicken Drumsticks 1kg £3.49
XXL Crackling Gammon Joint 1.8kg - 3.2kg £4.79 per kg (Smoked, Unsmoked)
XXL Deluxe 4 Aberdeen Angus British Beef Burgers 680g £5.49

Others (02th Feb - 08th Feb)
USA Week
(02th Feb - 08th Feb)

LIDL DEALS Thursday 26th Jan - Wednesday 01st Feb

Previous (Current) Week Deal In Link

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    Don’t bother with the pomegranates weren’t sweet really sour had to throw away.
  2. Avatar
    seems like alot of lidl products creep up in price each week, some even by 50p! (edited)
  3. Avatar
    My Weekly Lidl shop was rarely above £60. Now in the upper £80's! also things like their sliced edam was great value at £1.99 for 600g. Now its (i think) £2.99 for 400g ?
    Took me by surprise this week. Didn’t bother at £2.99.
  4. Avatar
    Some good prices there, just in time for me to swap over from Asda when I finish off my friuit and veg rewards, really hard work to find preinflation prices after they put up the prices of their essentials range by a lot more than the reward was worth but will get there just to spite them. They are going to be joining Morrisons on my boycott list.
  5. Avatar
    Thanks Ocean, what a guy 🔥
  6. Avatar
    Nice one - no cheap weekend wine deals again and the deals are getting less like deals these days...

    P.S. It's 2nd Feb (not 2nd Jan) to 8th Feb.

    Thanks for posting
    Thanks Corrected :D, Fully Agree, but same with all the other supermarkets and other types of shops. The standard early 2020 RRP Price is now the 2023 standard Offer Price.
  7. Avatar
    Anyone know what happened to super weekend deals?
    If shoppers were like myself, they became so underwhelming Lidl customers stopped even bothering to go in the store for them at the weekend, so Lidl ditched them once customers got the hang of the Lidl app reward-for-spend scheme.
  8. Avatar
    Thanks op much appreciated
  9. Avatar
    Looks like it’s America week, always coincides with the Superbowl. Thanks as always, Ocean.
  10. Avatar
    Staff at my local Lidle said they were having hours reduced. Hard to believe profits are down.
  11. Avatar
    Thank you
  12. Avatar
    LIDL prices are officially more expensive than ALDI. Thank god the one near me is an ALDI, not a LIDL. I really need to search for enough "deals" to justify a trip to LIDL these days.

    Thanks for posting.
  13. Avatar
    Bought a huge pomegranate this morning from Lidl, great price & some American peanut butter pretzels
  14. Avatar
    Sadly I found the same today in Lidl. Cheese which had increased by a £1 a kilo previously had gone up another £1. Bakery items had gone up hugely. Haven’t been to Aldi recently to compare, but I’m told they generally are cheaper at the moment .
    Yes bakery items has increased but somehow still cheaper than everywhere else

    Lidl Small Baguettes 35p
    Sainsbury's Small Baguettes 65p
    Waitrose Small Baguettes 90p

    And for those wondering a long baton is equivalent to 3 small baguettes

    Waitrose long baton baguette £1.15
    M&S Long baton baguette £1.15 (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Thanks ocean great work
  16. Avatar
    Lidl is still cheaper overall but recently some stuff has been cheaper in Tescos (when they price match Aldi). Wish I had an Aldi.
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