Lidl donut only 25p few different varities!

Lidl donut only 25p few different varities!

Found 17th Oct 2013
this is only avaliable to Lidl stores which have a bakery, briliant deal they are lovely and for 25p you can't really go wrong!!
you can even get Homer pink frosted donut!!

...Wish Lidl would sell Lego or Comics!!
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always been this price

always been this price

We've only just got a Lidls bakery and i thought it was a good deal, Still a good price they are cheaper that sainsburys!!
lidl bakery is superb
So what if it's always been this price. It's still a deal. Sigh

always been this price

29p here i had one yesterday, it's was yummy
The jam donuts are awful
Cheeze Twists and Croissants are yum too
I hadn't seen this til now but have been to lidl today by chance and bought jam doughnuts, croissants, petit pain au chocolat and ring doughtnuts (just two of each). I tried a jam doughtnut which was lovely but I am not big on the jam - it tastes fragranced which I found bizarre. The rest have gone in the freezer!
the pink ones are sooo yummy
The choc muffins are unbelievable, middle is full of gooey chocolate
Hot just for the pink Homer ones!
Anyone tried the Deluxe Blueberry Muffins yet?
Deep fried dough - Oh No !
The choc muffins and the blueberry muffins are both the best I've ever tasted! No others compare now!
As a big donut fan, you can't compare these to the bags of much smaller donuts from the normal supermarkets (Asda, Tesco etc). These are WAY better! Fatter, lighter and the jam isn't quite as sweet which is good for me. Enjoy!
Beware that the quality does vary by store as some are just (allegedly) bought from a local Asda.
I hate it how they leave all their baked goods out in the open. I always see people picking stuff up then putting it back and coughing around them. Adds to the flavor i suppose.
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