Lidl dry aged t-bone steak £13.99/kg instore

Lidl dry aged t-bone steak £13.99/kg instore

£13.99LIDL Deals
LocalFound 6th Feb 2017
Saw this today in my local Eastleigh, not sure if it's national
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I had one of there dry aged roasting joints the other day, and was the best i have had for years
dry'll need some good teeth then
Great price
what's dry aged??

what's dry aged??

​It means traditionally hung in a refrigerated room rather than aged in plastic vacuum packs. Personally I think wet ageing gives a poorer flavour. The meat is a bit more moist but not as intense a flavour and pound for pound less meat because its full of water.
Sounds like the meat, I got when I chopped the mother-in-law up!oO
Heat if you can find
£19.99 on the website.
Got 2 of these Monday after going in 4 times to check! Price dropped, happy days!
Not reduced in Cheltenham store today
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