Lidl dvd Rental Movie Package Only 3.32 per Month!! And Also One Months Free Trial
Lidl dvd Rental Movie Package Only 3.32 per Month!! And Also One Months Free Trial

Lidl dvd Rental Movie Package Only 3.32 per Month!! And Also One Months Free Trial

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It's Lidl's 15 year UK anniversary and to celebrate Lidl are making our subscription packages 15% cheaper than Lovefilm!

65,000 DVD Choices!!
Free Home Delivery and Return!!
Lowest Prices Guaranteed!!
No Due Dates, Late Fees or Contracts!!
1 Month FREE Trial!!


Lidl doing movie rentals... well I never! Good price

This is basically lovefilm rebranded right?

From what I've read it's not Lovefilm - been using them for a month & not the speediest but good value.

LidlMovies is operated on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH by the online DVD Rental specialists, OutNow Entertainment Limited, a fast-growing British company, set up and run by a team of entrepreneurial individuals with a passion for film and a wealth of extensive experience at the cutting edge of the online DVD rental entertainment business.

blu ray?

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Sign up for LidlMovies today, the new Blu-ray and DVD rental service from Lidl, and you'll get a free one month trial.

just cancelled after the free trial
soooo slow


blu ray?

yup, list ]here

Its a good deal as its free for a month but I also cancelled after a month, they were slow delivering and I didnt seem to get any of the big films, just the older titles on my list, I assume they havent got as many copies as the likes of Lovefilm so you have to wait longer for the big films.

And no guys this isnt a Lovefilm re-branded service its completely separate so you can sign up even if you have had many other freebies of Lovefilm (like me :-) ... enjoy!

Sorry guys but it looks like sky movies + a week or two


From what I've read it's not Lovefilm - been using them for a month & not … From what I've read it's not Lovefilm - been using them for a month & not the speediest but good value.

i agree been very slow but was fast in november so hopefully will pick up after xmas,,,

Oh dear. Lidl's movie rental service is powered by Outnow, previously known as Mymoviestream.

Given their involvement, and reputation, I wouldn't touch them with the worlds longest bargepole...Had it been LoveFilm that would have been a different issue.

Blockbusters new rental pricing scheme looks good. May join up with them.

It's a good deal if it works out for you.

I also had a 1 month free trial recently and it turned into a bit of a nightmare. The service was very slow; they said discs hadn't been sent back; they tried to charge me for lost discs that they had already confirmed they had received and charged me a further month's rental even though I had cancelled well within the time limit. I had to take legal advice to recover money that I was owed.

I would stick with either Lovefilm or Blockbuster as I personally haven't had any issues with either of them.

I might have been unlucky with Lidl Movies, but I won't be giving them another try.

ive just done blockbusters 3 mths for 2
dvds come very fast

worth a go..

They are powered by OutNow.. I signed up to an outnow free trail earlier in the year. The service was that bad I cancelled half way through the free trail !

I can't praise lovefilm enough. For me its worth the slight extra for the fantastic customer service, huge list of titles and speedy service.

needs to be 1/2 price of lovefilm to compensate 4 their **** service

It's Lidl! You think it's a box of fuses , you get puffin hearts!

Lidl are the best for baked beans...

Good luck to them with DVD rentals...


just cancelled after the free trialsoooo slow

I canceled Lovefilm as they were too slow and they didn't send me the top titles, they even sent me titles I didn't order!

You cannot beat Blockbuster for the quality of service, I have had their unlimited 3 disc package for 2 years and give them 5 stars in all aspects!

I used to like screenselect but after they became lovefilm it went downhill
Bad discs, never getting my top choices, tv series in the wrong order.

thanks for people reviews, not going bother... can't be dealing with a slow service!

Just signed up for Lidl as cheaper than Tesco - but their list doesnt stack up to Tesco (powered by Lovefilm) - and I am not now so confident about the quality of their offering.

wait and see suppose

i used to be with lovefilm for 4 years but got p****d off with an awful service , switched to blockbuster and have never looked back . they are far superior in every way


just cancelled after the free trialsoooo slow

They are SO SLOW - registered for free trial on Wednesday and they took till just now to send out the first disc - and it was one of the ones set to low priority ! *****. :x

But hey ho - its free. Whatever I get I aint paid for so I cant really moan. Would never pay for this service though !!


I took out a DVD rental trial and you would think that they would want to impress you ,so that you will stay with them. However this isn't the case, they are so slow and discs arrived damaged. Some went missing, I was told that I should have a certificate of posting. I would think about taking out this rental, my experience is not a good one. I have now set up a trial with Lovefilm and the first discs I was allocated were my first choice and hopefully the trial will be good and If so I'll continue with them. My advice is DON'T TAKE OUT A LIDL RENTAL.
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