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Lidl frozen pollock fish fillets 1kg @ 3.29
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Lidl frozen pollock fish fillets 1kg @ 3.29

Posted 26th Nov 2012Available: National

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They have some XXL deals going end of aisle and have 1kg of frozen pollock fillets for £3.29 - down from about 3.80 (not sure if this is the normal price - not noticed 1kg bags before) I think.

I'm not a fan of pollock, more a cod person, but given the sky high price of fish now days I bought 3 bags, not sure how long the deals on for.

They are nice (small) size fishes - 8-14 fillets in a pack to make nice size battered / breaded fish for kids, myself. The only similar I can see is on mysupermarket is Asda who sell 1kg frozen for £4
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For £3.29 that's a load of pollocks
Oh aye fill your boots you should have bought 4 never mind 3.

I tend not to buy frozen fish as it is tasteless compared to fresh fish.
meh, I got this for my cat and she won't eat it. Although she will happily eat the frozen pollock from Sainsburys (£1.75 for 520g)
Should go down well in a fish pie for me though!
Yeah, would you recommend it? I bought frozen salmon from lidl not all that long ago and it was disgusting, like the salmon had been swimming in sewerage or something. I'm not joking either, I ended up throwing the rest away after trying to eat one portion.
o.k i got a bit worried reading some comments so I made some. the fillets are quite thin, but i like them like that myself. Home made bread crumbs, made some thin batter (with a dash of tabasco), fish in flour then in batter, then in breadcrumbs and in a shallow fry. tastes pretty good to me with chips, and I have a strong cod preference... good fish texture and the slight pollock fish taste as to be expected. my daughter will eat them no problem and so will i again

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Your not a fan but bought 3 bags
How many would you have bought if you liked it
I had frozen Pollocks this morning.
This time of year tend to have them quite a bit.
Have you not tried your local fish mongers if you have one? Not the rubbish ones in the supermarkets a proper one? We use to sell fresh pollock, filleted in front of you for £4 a Kilo or frozen for £1.50 a kilo. Might be worth checking them out, they do tend to normally be a fair bit cheaper than the supermarkets.
Apparently this stuff is the Cods Pollocks! .... I'll get my coat
should check out a fish mongers... most have closed, but there are a few not an unreasonable distance. Saying that I should have a look at billingsgate fish market if I can get up at 5am.. Lidl isn't especially close, hence the 3 bags! should be o.k in fish cakes etc
Pollock - may as well be bollock. Horrible fish.

Pollock - may as well be bollock. Horrible fish.

Obviously you buy the cheap old rubbish then?
If you buy decent pollock it should taste very much like cod with a taste of haddock to it,
it's just a cheaper more sustainable fish that is all.
Fishermen wont get themselves £100,000s fines just to bring you some illegal cod you know.
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