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Lidl - G Bellini razor and 25 twin blade cartridges 3.69.
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Lidl - G Bellini razor and 25 twin blade cartridges 3.69.

Posted 10th Feb 2012Available: National

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I've never tried these razors that they always have in Lidl, but it was nearly irresistable yesterday when I saw that razor with 20 blades now has 5 extra and has been marked down to 3.69. They 'd have to be pretty brutal to not be worth that money. Any experience of them...?
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Saw these myself today but they will be brutal IMO unless you are a youngster with no sort of tough chin hair at all.

Save money if you have bumfluff, invest much more in post shave treatments if you have anything else!!
LOL correct! just wait til you cut yourself to shreds

But they'd be ok for police commissioner PRESCOTT (couldn't nick himself shaving!)
I've always found cheap Gillette blue II perfectly adequate.
I've been using Aldi's disposable blue razors for the last year or so with a tub of Wilkinson shaving soap and a brush or sometimes just brushing with Dove soap. I have been getting an average of 30 shaves per blade.

First, how did you end up reading a thread that's nearly 2 years old?!?

I've been using Gillette 3 blade disposables from £ shop - 4 for a quid. I get about 20 to 30 shaves per blade but use bodyshop shave cream. It's about 8 quid but lasts nearly a year.
I have bought from Lidl the Cien men shaving system and have been quite satisfied.Recently I have noticed a deterioration in the blade quality.Today I opened a new packet and used a new blade but had to stop because it worse than the one I had just disposed of.Another new one was little better so I will have to use another brand unless Cien can suggest something!
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