Lidl Glenfell British frozen turkey 3.5kg to 4.8kg for £9.99

Lidl Glenfell British frozen turkey 3.5kg to 4.8kg for £9.99

Found 11th Dec 2012
*Found in Halifax & sowerby bridge Lidl, probably national will edit if not*
If you havent got a huge family gathering this Christmas perhaps a smaller turkey is in order. Best price I've found was in lidl's
For under a tenner you can get a 3.5 to 4.7 kg Glenfell whole British self basting turkey,
works out from between £2.85 per kilo to £2.08 per Kilo for the largest bird. Cheaper than the major supermarkets
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frozen turkey? it got to be cold X)
Same at Aldi..
Got mine there last year and will be going this year good as anywhere
Gobble it up.
I know a lot of fuss is made about free range turkey. I understand all the welfare issues, but does anyone have any experience from a taste POV of these frozen birds? Seems like a great deal to me when you look at the price of Norfolk Black Free Range etc.
I had my first frozen turkey from lidl last year and it was just the same! No one knew it wasn't the usual free range fresh that I had been getting
A traditional turkey may be super-sized because it is chemically and genetically modified, which may make the turkey drier and less tender. Many traditional turkeys are raised in crowded conditions inside and under heat lamps. They are usually feed corn-based mash that may be laced with hormones or antibiotics. Many turkeys become overweight, which can contribute to broken bones, or cause the turkey to die from a heart attack.
Just a bit of food for thought.
Same with chickens daddio.
good price hot from me..
A Glenfell turkey? What a load of made-up marketing tosh.

Why not call it a Burnley turkey? At least that rhymes.

Ok, so the rhyming is as good as this turkey's rearing.
Got mine from there for the last 2 years and they are really good
Also had Aldi Turkeys for the last couple of years and they were very nice indeed. I picked up a 4.8kg one today for this years xmas dinner and noticed that they are British sourced this year. Last years came from a big supplier in France. A British Turkey for a can't go wrong. We rub oil, rosemary and thyme on ours....lovely.
Yeah I picked up a 4.7kg beast and a 2.7kg crown yesterday, each for £9.99. What a deal! And they're labelled as British too, which is a bonus. Last year's was from Chile in south america, which truth be told tasted exactly the same to me. Heat from me.:)
My lidl has sold out of turkeys. Found a 3.93kg one in Iceland for £8. Have had a fresh and frozen one before and found them to taste the same - its all in the cooking! I stuff my cavity full of citrus fruit and turn over near end to let the juices flow into the breast meat.
Used to our own birds, free range with names but stopped keeping them due to foxes. I like the sound of this though. Tasted one other week and to be honest, no different from home grown so will be front of line to buy it here.
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