Lidl half price weekend 30th/ 31st & offers staring Thursday 28th

Lidl half price weekend 30th/ 31st & offers staring Thursday 28th

LocalFound 26th Jul 2011
Weekend Only Deals - 30th & 31st July

Pork Lion Medallions (300g) - £1.39
Extra mature cheddar cheese (400g) - £1.34
Fresh nectarines (1kg) - 99p
McCoys Classic (6pk) - 85p
Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts (100g) - 22p

Deals for the week starting thursday 28th july:

British Beef Mince (500g) - £1.69
*Half crispy duck & 10 pancakes - £4.99
Pointed cabbage - 39p
Baby Potatos (1kg) - 69p
100% Apple juice (1.5l) - 89p
* Extra virgin olive oil (1l) - £2.99
Olive spread (500g) - 89p
* Garlic spread (220g) - £1.29
*Alpro soya milk (1l) - 99p
4 red thai pork lion stakes (400g) - £1.49
* Dalepak cripsbakes (cheese&onion/cheese&bacon) - 99p
BBQ chicken breast fillets (800g) - £3.79
* Breaded chicken goujons (700g) - £2.79
Goodfellas deep pan (cheese/pepperoni) - 99p
*skinny cow ice creams (3pk) (triple choc brownie/mint double choc) -99p
* Mr kipling slices (chocolate/lemon) (6pk) - 99p
Penguin cake bars / mini rolls (10pk) - 99p
Bassets Jelly babies (215g) - 99p
Maynards wine gums (215g) - 99p
*Simple baby range (talc, all in 1 wash, shampoo, bath, wipes) - 99p
*enliven hand sanitizer (2x100ml) - 99p
* Medex hand wash (650ml) - 99p
Always pantyliners (normal 60pk or 52 large) - £1.99
Always ultra duo pack (normal, long or night) - £1.99
* Pure shower cream or gel (500ml) - 99p
* Fairy All in 1 dishwasher tabs (33pk) - £4.49
Ariel Bio liquid (20wash) - £3.49
*yogurt and mint sauce (500g) - 99p
* BBQ or tomato chilli sauce (280g) - 69p
* Flava-it marinades (thai, carribean, tika, hot&spicy) - 79p
Stella (15x284ml) - £7.99
Strongbow (6x440ml) - £4.29
Amaretto (70cl) - £8.49
Shepherds neam ale (500ml) - 99p
*Twinings tea bags (40pk) (camomile, peppermint, lemon & ginger) - £1.49
*robinsons fruit & barley (1l)(peach/orange) - 79p
* Butchers dog/cat food (12x400g) - £4.99
Red grape juice (1l) - 75p

* not a regular Lidl product, while stocks last.

Offers can vary depending on the store location. To see what your local store has on offer plug your postcode into the Lidl website.

Thanks to kc101 on MSE
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i like McCoy's at least you get good bag full
Makes the cheese cheaper than the Seriously Strong Tesco offer but what does it taste like??
Like cheese?????
The extra mature cheddar (blue packaging, I think) is REALLY tasty, and definitely one of my favourites.
Will deffo get some of the cheese and nectarines, would love some of the pork but it's practically impossible to get any of the half price weekend meat offers at my local
milk chocolate for 22p sounds good
Great offers , thanks OP .
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