Lidl half price weekend offers sat 8th to sun 9th

Lidl half price weekend offers sat 8th to sun 9th

Found 3rd Sep 2012
Sliced Gouda Cheese 400g - 94p (£1.89)
Cucumber 34p (69p)
Solevita Fruit Juice 69p (£1.39)
Sirius Cereal Bars 72p (£1.45)
McCoy's 6x32g Crisps 92p (£1.84)
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Why is this cold?
Beats me why cold

Why is this cold?

because this is HUKD and today is the 3rd

otherwise i have no idea other than it has been posted by someone other than the people who normally post it so perhaps they are ganging up

should be fun in the playground if so
cold voters? they want all the cucumbers for themselves the greedy basturds
Thanks hot price
The cheese is worth a hot vote alone.
Seems a fair deal, things like McCoy's crisps seem a regular 'deal' from many stores, but usually reductions are down to £1 and this beats it. agree with alared's comments about the cheese too (yum). have added heat
say cheese!
The cheese is delicious, a big pack and a good deal even at full price!
I think they have a deal on Nesquik milkshake mix if i remember correctly. 500g for somewhere <£2.00 If i remember. Good deal if you drink it or your kids do.
£2.35 for a kilo of gouda is dam hot......
ohh yesterday i bought this gouda cheese for 1.89 and it's delicious. I must stock up my fridge ;)))
Agreed that cheese is very nice, and even at normal price is good value.
To Customer Services,what ever happened to Chicken Fillets or do we have to go to TESCO
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