Lidl "Manscaping" Body Groomer £14.99

Lidl "Manscaping" Body Groomer £14.99

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Found 16th Jan 2017
With Valentines coming up and you want the better half to visit down under but she doesn't like the wild bush down there then have Lidl got the deal for you!
Comes with 3 comb attachments if you don't like sharp blades to close to your bro globes or don't want to go a full Hollywood and leave a little love Velcro downstairs & a extension handle to reach all those hard to reach areas
Waterproof so you can use it in the shower like she does with her buzzing thing oO
& around half the price you would pay for a Phillips/Braun equivalent.
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Will this work on a she-gorilla, my wife's undergrowth is like a bomb site at the moment and my strimmer is out of line...... I can't get anywhere near the kebab.
Heated hot just for the comments above!
can this be used on the crinkly spud sack and cornhole? also does anyone know if this is any good to shave the head?
Looked at the photos, I think we've all got it wrong, this is for people with hairy shoulders apparently!
so random, I dreamt I had hairy shoulders.
Looks exactly like my Philips shaver I wonder if it's just rebranded.
HUKD you never fail to please me.
Hope this works on the missus. Haven't seen her beef curtains in years haha
All in all has to be a less painful alternative to hair removal than this (comments are great!!):…QBK
Anyone got this that could comment on its performance compared to the Philips body groomers?
Omg do not get this!!! I used it and the performance is terrible. Cut me so many times around my chest my shoulders.. Waste of £15 quid
Still available
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