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Budweiser Bottles 12x300ml £5.99 Lidl NI super weekend special
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Posted 7th AugPosted 7th AugLocalLocal
As title. 12 bottles for 5.99, weekend super saver.

Quite right. Breakfast is an occasion in our house.


I'm all for better quality brands and would never touch Carling/Coors/Foster's/Bud Light etc. But Budweiser is OK on occasion. Definitely not the best, but far from the worst. Still a drinkable beer.


Time to balance all the moans about no shipping to NI Why no cheap Bud in UK Lidl why ;( ;( WHHHHHYYYYYY?


But surely it's the price you should be passionate about? (confused)


Thanks for letting us know.

XXL Pack Cushelle Toilet Tissue 24 Roll White for £5.99 Lidl NI weekend super special 3rd and 4th August 25p per roll
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Posted 31st JulPosted 31st JulLocalLocal
Current next best price is £8 in Tesco (with over 750 heat) Weekend super special Saturday 3rd Sunday 4th August at Lidl NI. At Cushelle we love irresistibly cushiony soft t… Read more

Went down for opening time and there are literally people pushing to get it and I've never seen it so busy, although the man says there are 15 pallets at our store.

EllEzDee Pretty clear on their website that they split offers around the UK. As for Northern Ireland...i'll leave that one to Boris.


Seen someone in Lidl once say... "I'd turn my nose up to that deal" I replied... "Id wipe my arse with it"


It's split into 3 regions Lidl NI...Lidl UK...Lidl ie (Republic of Ireland)....probably similar offers but at different times.


Why is this deal only for NIs? The rest of us do have a bum that needs wiping after a hot curry.....!

12x Carling 440ml Cans £5.50 instore @ Lidl NI - £1.04/litre
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Posted 25th JulPosted 25th JulLocalLocal
12 cans for £5.50 Yeah, we know it's weak. But it's the cheapest branded beer I've seen in a long time at £1.04 a litre. Less than 46p a can. Lidl Northern Ireland weekend super … Read more

Brilliant price. Incredible that even with duty & tax an alcoholic fizzy drink can be about the cheapest available per ml. Moreover unlike pop & mineral water it's made with all natural ingredients with known well documented side-effects.


Oh porridge gobblers? I can see the confusion now.


Stop trying so hard...


You're getting mixed up. tintowelfan's initial comment of "what a sad person you are" was directed at me for my comment which referrenced a certain country in the north of the UK by their famous attire (which has since been deleted by the mods). tintowelfan wrongly thought this was racist.


666fu & tintowelfan Let me spell this out to both of you.... Carling lager is utter pish. I am, as my family members remind me, a sad person in ways you cannot imagine. I may or may not be racist, but you cannot from what I have posted ever make that opinion. So, I'm having a a nice glass of homebrew in my back garden enjoying the warm balmy evening , chill guys......... ..........and this ladies & gents is exactly why the UK has ended up in the s#itplace we find ourselves in...... drinking Carling and apologising to faceless trolls..... ....rant over......oh and TDK D C90 cassettes....home taping is piracy, yeah that's me too...

Lidl NI - 1kg Espresso Magnifico Caffè in Grani Arabica/Robusta blend coffee beans - £4.99
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Lidl had been charging £6.99 for these in the past, same as their Caffè Tradizionale 100% Arabica beans. But they have now dropped in price by £2. Which isn't before time. Loads in… Read more

It's a shame Rioba was such good value and a very premium coffee bean but like you said they just disappeared (skeptical)


I used to buy the Rioba "Platinum" which was 100% arabica for around £7 a kilo and no vat. Then it suddenly shot up in price to £12 and disappeared completely soon after.


55% Arabia 45% Robusta I personally think is the best blend, Makro used to sell a brand called Rioba which was that blend but no longer do. Still can't find a bland the same unfortunately.


Some good insight there and ive been struggling to get a strong coffee and been adding an extra shot. Going off what you said I feel I may not have the right settings and that's why I feel my lavazza beans have been weak.


My wife drinks decaffeinated (what's the point?) and always buys Lavazza. I've always found the grind to be a tad on the coarse side and the water just runs through it leaving the espresso shot weak and tasteless. I always run it through a blade grinder now to get a decent shot from it. These beans on the other hand, I grind at the finest setting and get as strong a shot as it would take 2 shots of Lavazza, even at the finer grind.

Super Bock 6 x 330ml @ Lidl stores in England  £2.99 from 20th June
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th JunLocalLocal
A nice Portugese lager currently £6 in Asda Lidl Northern Ireland has an even better deal on it (currently) 2 for £4


Careful now. Down with this sort of thing.


i will be fine iam not portuguese,it wont happen anyway,i think the term your wanting to use is project fear,how ironic,never mind brexit isnt going to happen anyway if you hadnt already noticed and you will then have to find someone else to blame for your failure's in life,have a nice evening in spoonies


Don't count your chickens too soon. Once the UK (the second largest contributor) stops providing billions of funding to subsidise the other countries in EU, that shortfall has to be made up from somewhere. Given Portugal is the fifth biggest taker of EU money (and only 2 places above Greece), I would imagine the Portugese economy is likely to take a bit of a hit as a result (although I hope it won't end up being as bad as Greece) ;)


None in Derby, Chad.

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32" HD Ready Smart TV LC 32HI2332K £169 @ Lidl NI (also in rest of UK)
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th JunLocalLocal
Took a chance on this whilst shopping because I'd been thinking of getting a small 2nd TV. It's not bad at all, has good sound and smart features, PVR to USB drives and Satellit… Read more

From Thursday 15th July 2019 Lidl are selling a 32" smart TV for £129


LIDL 15th August 2019 £129


£159.99 at Amazon. 720p not full HD


The £1 Billion we gave to Northern Ireland was money well spent........... ....Not......


Most TV sets for this size are still 720 the full HD ones are twice as much unless you buy an older model without smarts

Golden Wonder 22 Pack Meaty or Classic Variety Pack - £1 Lidl NI - 5p per bag
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Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayLocalLocal
This is the price of a 6 pack in Tesco's. Not a misprint online because it's in the leaflet too. Leaflet shows both variety pack or meaty pack as well. Just under 5p per bag.

You’re a diamond, they’ve sold out now ;) ;) in my defence, they did only have 22 packets in stock mind (lol) (lol)


Just noticed that Star Bargains have them at a stupidly low price for relatively short dated packs. Fill your boots and get them posted to you. Star Bargains deliver within a couple of days and have always been good when I have used them


I’ve just been to Lidl in Wales as I didn’t see the NI sign and they had them in there at £2.99 a pack, asked if they had more as they didn’t have the meaty and the lady said only what’s out as they are last weeks offers, so you may find them.. I can’t get sausage and tomato crisps ANYWHERE, it’s a tragedy! Xx


I bought them in Lidl this week,I think I paid £2.99 though


Even very few do. I've seen them in one this year and it was a quid. Most local shops like Spar, Centra, Supervalu etc always have them. Price generally £1 for 6 in these when on offer.

2 x Clipped Box Balls £16 @ Lidl (NI)
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th AprLocalLocal
Large: £16 a pair (or £9 each) Extra Large: £26 a pair (or £14 each)
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Ball sacks! XD


Do you think in a uk Lidl as well?


Becareful with the green caterpillars attack


What has a sack got to do with this plant? (confused)


Forgot to trim mine last year now look a bit messy.

(LIDL N.Ireland only) Phillips 50" 4K Smart TV - £349.99
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Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
(LIDL N.Ireland only) Phillips 50" 4K Smart TV - £349.99
'Ultra-slim' smart LED TV at a great price! Exclusively for us Nor'n Iron folks. (y)

We do our shopping in the new one in Magherafelt every week and have seen nothing about a tv :(


I went to my local ( Dungannon) on Thursday afternoon, none there. Assumed they had sold out.


Has anyone seen this in Lidl? Haven’t myself?


Why is it the northern Irish folk get the best deals, always. 😜 Only joking. I know you hardly get anything, so, you might as well make the most of it.


I wish it had ambilight. Fortunately many companies in England still post here!

DOLMIO Bolognese/ Lasagne Sauce 87p Lidl Northern Ireland
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd MarLocalLocal
DOLMIO Bolognese/ Lasagne Sauce 87p Lidl Northern Ireland
DOLMIO Bolognese/ Lasagne Sauce for 87p at Lidl this weekend only in NI.

the family size ones are £1 in poundland (750gm)


I just put the onion and garlic down for Tesco and Asda but Lidl is 6 minutes away up the aptly named 'Brew'hill. Cheers O.P. (y)

4x Kinder Bueno or Kinder Bueno White £1 Lidl Northern Ireland
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd MarLocalLocal
4x Kinder Bueno or Kinder Bueno White £1 Lidl Northern Ireland
As per title. Weekend super special.

Lately it seems your getting all the really good ones


Heat added! Thanks for sharing OP! (y)


Yeah but on the flip side we don't get some of the deals you get over there.


It’s a shame they don’t put these in all store rather than specific NI.


Their weekend specials have been great lately. Anyway, back you go to Lidl :)

Lidl Floralys Cotton toilet paper 10 roll £2 instore at Lidl NI
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st MarLocalLocal
Lidl Floralys Cotton toilet paper 10 roll £2 instore at Lidl NI
Lidl Floralys Cotton toilet paper shelf price is £4 but scanning £2!!! Newry shop. Not sure if everywhere.

It this only working in NI?


Absolute rubbish. Use twice as much. Stick to the home bargains on


Thanks, priced up at £3.50 but going through at £2 - This was Belfast.


thx OP, good price ,* bum deal (poo) <3

Ariel/Fairy 888ml £2.50 @ Lidl NI from 28/2/19-06/03/19
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th FebLocalLocal
Ariel/Fairy 888ml £2.50 @ Lidl NI from 28/2/19-06/03/19
Fairy/Ariel washing gel 888ml £2:50 each @ Lidl Northern Ireland from 28/2/19-06/03/19
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Is this o my Northen island?


Just a reminder that the offer starts today

Lidl Northern Ireland - Coca Cola Zero / Diet Coke 8 pack for £1.50 - Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th only
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Lidl Northern Ireland - Coca Cola Zero / Diet Coke 8 pack for £1.50 - Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th only
8 Coke for £1.50 is coming back to Lidl Northern Ireland. These tend to go fast so need to be early. Roughly 19p a tin. Only available 23rd and 24th February (Saturday and Sunday… Read more

Would t buy this if they paid me £1.50. Absolutely minging.


Voted hot


Whoops haha. Fixed. Thanks :)


£150!!! This will go cold quicker than an apple post


Good find. May be better with a decimal point in the title as it may go ice cold.... That could be good too though in this case...mmmm... Ice cold.

Pampers Lidl Northern Ireland £5
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th FebLocalLocal
Pampers Lidl Northern Ireland £5
Pampers 3,4,5,6 jumbo packs £5 in Lidl Northern Ireland
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I popped into my local lidl in Birmingham and they knew nothing either :(


I asked in my local this evening and they knew nothing about the offer :(


Northern Ireland offers are different to Lidl Uk


Lol yes okay sorry! Fair one! I mean is it England too 😬


Northern Ireland is part of the UK.

8x330ml cans of Diet or Zero Coke.£1.50 Lidl.
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Refreshed 20th JanRefreshed 20th Jan
Excellent price.Today only. Diet or Zero.

They were one of the weekend deals


Costco has diet and zero coke 30 cans for £6.70 ATM (22p per can)


Wonder if anyone has been in today to see if the price is still the same, as they normally do not update stuff until early on Monday mornings, after all the weekend shoppers rush, unless you work there and know of course! Can anyone who is in Lidl let us all know, as this needs to be stripped of all the shelves nationally at this silly price!! (party)


Needs expired now as it was yesterday only.


Tiptop spot @fallout51 sure this is the lowest price for real Diet Coke on HUKD ever, as cannot see it has ever been cheaper! 18p a can! (party)

Lidl Silvercrest nutrition scales - £7.99 @ Lidl Northern Ireland
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
I found This nutrition scale in-store in Lidl Sheffield as i was looking for digital kitchen scale. It has good reviews and I think it's a good price for a good kitchen scale with … Read more

And weighing their rice lol


Great bargain for the triads in NI who are renting alot of houses there at the moment and would need these for there gardening business ;)

Cadbury’s milk tray 360g £1.50 instore @ Lidl NI
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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Cadbury’s milk tray 360g £1.50 instore @ Lidl NI
Lidl Northern Ireland £1.50 for box of milk tray MAX 4 per customer (good for the teachers present)
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Nom great price Lidl are smashing it this year


Shame I don't live in NI


Disgusting now. Waxy horrible cheap taste.


99p @ joblot in sheffield Barnsley road.


Wow, Thats a Good price, If I was a Woman and a Man dressed up in a SAS outfit with a knife in his mouth diving into the sea and breaking into my bedroom with a Box of £1.50 chocolates ,I would not be very interested in repaying him in kind .

Coca Cola Regular 6 x 330ml £1.09 at Lidl NI
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Coca Cola Regular 6 x 330ml £1.09 at Lidl NI
Advertised at £1.50 but actually £1.09 in store, even though it doesn't clearly state in store which I'm sure contravenes some sort of sales of goods act its limited to ten packs p… Read more

Offer over, both ards and Bangor now 1.50


The sugar tax police won't like that promotion (lol)




Hot!! What store was this in Northern Ireland?


Good deal thanks