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Magnum Almond 4 Pack 4x100ml £1 Lidl NI
Posted 27th AugPosted 27th AugLocalLocal
4 magnums for a pound. Cheapest elsewhere is £2.50 I couldn't get close to the freezer to see if they had other flavours. 4x 100ml. 25p each.

Might not be. Our deals are slightly different or at different weeks.


Will it be same over in here to or is this just a NI deal?


Damn!! Just paid £2.50 at Tesco in Bloomfield Centre across the road from the Lidl (mad)


this is great, bargain.


Problem is we get ripped off for postage then it arrives by Royal Mail or Parcel force half the time anyway which doesn't cost extra (excited)

5 pack Cadbury Twirl 107.5g - £0.59 @ Lidl NI
Posted 27th AugPosted 27th AugLocalLocal
59p for 5 twirls. 107.5g = 55p per 100g. Starts today, Lidl NI Cheapest elsewhere is £1

That is mostly true .. except the 'Tunnocks' Marshmellows and Bars, which are the same sizes since new!


All chockys have got smaller ...


Its alright to analyse these things, but, as always, the simple figure is the total weight!


They were available last year. Quite liked them.


Looks can be deceiving. These single twirls are 21.5g each, 5 twirls = 107.5g. So, 55p / 100g Twin bars are 34g each (17g per single), 4 twins = 136g. So, 74p / 100g when on offer for £1.

Parkside Cordless Impact Driver - 180Nm - £24.99 @ LIDL Northern Ireland
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Posted 12th AugPosted 12th AugLocalLocal
From the 13th August Lidl Northern Ireland are bringing in the Parkside Cordless Impact Driver. Looks to be a decent one with similar specs to top brands, not the I am an expert. … Read more

Thanks for that picked one up. Really impressed with it.


A nationwide deal has just been posted for this.


I'm fairly certain it is just NI only. Download the app and select your nearest store. That's where I find it.


Is this nationwide? Or limited stores only?


Good find @Mckee118 - cheers for taking time to share with the community :)

39p for 250g Baby plum tomatoes Lidl-NI
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Posted 18th JulPosted 18th JulLocalLocal
39p for 250g Baby plum tomatoes Lidl-NI£0.39
39p equals £1.56 Kg. Valid until 22nd July. Lidl Northern Ireland.
Nutella 1kg - £4 at Lidl Northern Ireland
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Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Nutella 1kg - £4 at Lidl Northern Ireland£4£5.7030%
1 kg nutella £4.00 from 9th of July in lidl ni

It is really good. They have milk choc, hazelnut and vegan choc orange. One teaspoon also helps choc cravings!


Will give it a go thanks


Have you all tried JIMJAMS? More than 80% less sugar and tastes really good. X


The love affair with Nutella.


3.99 is a fairly standard price for a kilo now. That older amazon offer was cracking however.

Parkside 1800w Pressure Washer £59.99 @ Lidl Northern Ireland
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st JulLocalLocal
Parkside 1800w Pressure Washer £59.99 @ Lidl Northern Ireland£59.99
NI only Parkside 1800W PRESSURE WASHER Ideal for cleaning vehicles, patios, walls, etc. Ergonomic trigger gun with child safety lock Simple cleaning nozzle exchange with Quick Co… Read more

I've had mine for about 3 years now. It's great.


Last time Lidl had these advertised in NI they didn’t actually get them in. Instead they had the 2400w version, which I did buy instead. Good power of it, easily cleaned paths and patio. Also has a Lavor connector if you’re looking to add a snow foam lance.


NI often get short changed on deals. Listen to some adverts, and many will say "Not available in Northern Ireland". Perhaps there is some commercial law, but it is stupid, in the same vein that baby powdered milk etc is never included in sales. A little light shed


T There's actually a post on this particular pressure washer with feedback from owners. Might want to look it up.


Thanks for that (y)

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Kamado Ceramic BBQ £99.99 @ Lidl Northern Ireland
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunLocalLocal
Kamado Ceramic BBQ £99.99 @ Lidl Northern Ireland£99.99
Go easy on me, first post.. Lidl NI finally get their hands on the mini kamado. Don't know why we have the privilege of paying £20 more than the mainland!? Be quick, don't thin… Read more

Hi, i got one in London when they were on sale there. It's taken me until now to build the table :D


Where did you manage to pick up up. The set up looks good!

Matthew_mcm loads of info here for anyone that needs it


Hi, I managed to get my hands on the Uk LIDL one and made the following table for it. Ping me if you need any details. Cheers.


But weighs a bit more so you won’t be carrying it to the beach! And the quite delicate.

Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 1KG £3 Lidl NI
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th AprLocalLocal
Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 1KG £3 Lidl NI£3
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit … Read more

Ah I stand corrected. Will try to get to Lidl later for my essentials, but if the queues are too bad someone else might have to check lol


There is a 750g pack. Tesco sells it for £3.50 at the moment. I am not in NI, so wont benefit from this offer, just asking for others. :)


It's a typo - the printed leaflet says £3 as well but also says £4/kg As far as I could see I couldn't find a 750 gram pack of Nutella so not sure if that size exists.


This is a bit confusing. Pic shows 1kg, but the comparative price per kg is shown as £4 - implying this is 750gm pack. (Below the big red £3). Has anyone bought this to confirm


And me, all 4kg of the stuff.

Lidl Caffe Tradizionale 1kg 100% Arabica - £6.99 @ Lidl NI
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th FebLocalLocal
Lidl Caffe Tradizionale 1kg 100% Arabica - £6.99 @ Lidl NI£6.99
Only comes round a few times a year, great coffee at a nice price. A blend of UTZ certified high-quality coffee from various tropical destinations

Almost certainly beans. A 1KG pack of domestic ground coffee just doesn't make sense as it would go stale before finished.


On another thread someone said it's beans, I'll double check tomorrow when I am in (hopefully).


Are these beans or ground?

1KG Coffee Espresso Magnificio Caffè in Grani £4.99 @ Lidl NI
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th FebLocalLocal
1KG Coffee Espresso Magnificio Caffè in Grani £4.99 @ Lidl NI£4.99
A blend of UTZ certified high-quality coffee from various tropical destinations Only comes around about twice a year, great coffee.

I ordered few different ones from Spiller&Tait on a whim with Black Friday discount. They aren't really mentioned anywhere on fresh coffee UK chats much, but I took a gamble. Everyone knows taste is subjective, especially in coffee, but I'm happy with my gamble. Freshly roasted and really nice. Spiller's Gold was my favourite (£18.95 for kg now), Signature blend (£17.95) and Pure Colombian(£16.95) joint second, maybe Colombian fraction better for my tastes. Not impressed with Barrista blend. Discount for first order.


Yeah I cannot find good tasting beans for less than 25 quid per kg. Why I went back to Nespresso, it’s actually cheaper taste for taste...


There is always one.


The only problem with this is the taste. It's grim.


It's in British mainland shops as well, but Lidl Weekly magazine shows it as £7.99 (annoyed)

Bitterol - Lidl's Version of Aperol Aperitivo 15% £5.99 Lidl NI
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th FebLocalLocal
Bitterol - Lidl's Version of Aperol Aperitivo 15% £5.99 Lidl NI£5.99
Much cheaper than the real brand. Half the price, still made in Italy. 15% ABV. NI Only deal from 20/2 They are also doing 6x 100ml bottles for £1.49 of the non alcoholic kind.

Oh, and as for "does it taste nice", that really depends on the individual. I wasn't a fan initially but it grew on me. It's a bitter orange flavour but with some sweetness too. The fizz, the slight bitterness, the fruitiness and the ice all work very well to make something refreshing in my opinion.


Google 'Aperol Spritz'. Basically you mix a good glug of this with some Prosecco (Cava will do) and top off with sparkling water. I use tonic water for an added edge of bitterness. Serve with ice, and if you're feeling fancy, some orange slices or peel. Very refreshing in hot weather. I sometimes make what I call a Dirty Aperol, which is as above but with some vodka chucked in to make it stronger. Depends how hard my week has been, or how quickly I want to get drunk.


What do you do with this? And does it taste nice. Was bought a bottle of aperol for Xmas and no idea what to do with it. Thanks


I'm not sure, but I think they all come under the similar "umbrella" of these types of drinks.


We buy Parasol from Lidl in France - is this the same stuff?

5 pack Cadbury Twirl 107.5g - £0.59 Lidl NI
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th JanLocalLocal
5 pack Cadbury Twirl 107.5g - £0.59 Lidl NI£0.59£141%
5 pack of single bars for 59p. Cheapest I can find it elsewhere is £1 in onestop and poundstretcher. 54p per 100 grams 6th to 12th Feb. Lidl NI.

£40 return flight... 40p saving. 100 to break even but that could put you over the hand luggage allowance...


How many would I need to buy if I were to travel from the SE to make it worth my while (SE England)?...


I'll act as a NI 59p twirl delivery mule for you if your ok to forward on a few million amazon, ebuyer, aldi items over here? :D


It is but not in England Scotland or Wales


And northern Ireland have the cheek to moan at amazon not delivering stuff to them , when they can buy a 5 pack of twirls at this price :D . I know what I'd rather have :p

Australian Merlot £2.99 Lidl NI Wine of the Week Jan 23 - 29th
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th JanLocalLocal
Australian Merlot £2.99 Lidl NI Wine of the Week Jan 23 - 29th£2.99£4.2530%
Australian Merlot £2.99 Lidl NI Jan 23 - 29th 750ml, 14%



I buy a couple of bottles of this every week at full price. Great deal.


Is it sweet one?


Yeah I think I saw you! Drank about 3 bottles, fell down and smashed your mouth on the table!


Had purple lips and teeth last time I drank this lol. Good stuff for the price though.

24x Cushelle Toilet rolls XXL pack £7 at Lidl NI
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th JanLocalLocal
24x Cushelle Toilet rolls XXL pack £7 at Lidl NI£7£1030%
24 pack for 7 quid. Link. From 9th to 15th

Paid £8.99 yesterday

25% off wine at Lidl NI
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019LocalLocal
25% off wine at Lidl NI
25% of all wine at lidl ni on the 23rd of dec

Never happened in Lidl Banbridge


Nice to see you guys getting a deal for a change :)


Lidl NI is linked to RoI Lidl not UK Always different deals


Bout time NI got some festive deals Hard luck rest of the UK


What's going on, why not in lidl England as well?

Raffaello 240g - £2.49 @ Lidl Northern Ireland
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Posted 21st Dec 2019Posted 21st Dec 2019LocalLocal
Raffaello 240g - £2.49 @ Lidl Northern Ireland£2.49
Rafaello only 2.49 in lidl northern Ireland one day only 22/12/19
Kinder Christmas Mix Selection Box 152G £1.25 with 2D pop-up characters Lidl NI
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Posted 19th Dec 2019Posted 19th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Kinder Christmas Mix Selection Box 152G £1.25 with 2D pop-up characters Lidl NI£1.25£2.4950%
This Christmas, share delicious Kinder chocolates with your family. In the NEW Kinder Hexagon you will find: Kinder Mini Bueno, Kinder Mini Chocolate, Kinder Mini Chocolate with ce… Read more
2x Heroes / Celebrations / Roses 400G pouches £2.99 Mix n Match Lidl NI
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Posted 18th Dec 2019Posted 18th Dec 2019LocalLocal
2x Heroes / Celebrations / Roses 400G pouches £2.99 Mix n Match Lidl NI£2.99£3
Mix and match 2x 400G of roses, heroes and celebrations for £2.99 One day only Lidl NI.

I've been posting these deals all week so keep an eye out :)


Great to see a NI only offer for a change. Usually it is us that lose out. Great offer. Got this plus two cases of diet Coke/Coke Zero for £10.


They're keeping me busy anyway with these deals (y) (I don't work there but all the deals I seem to post are for there)


Lidl not in NI need to get their finger out.


Hot one day only but £1.50 each bargain

Lidl - Diet Coke or Coke 2 x trays of 24 - £10 (Coleraine)
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Posted 17th Dec 2019Posted 17th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Lidl - Diet Coke or Coke 2 x trays of 24 - £10 (Coleraine)£10
Two trays of 24 X 330ml can of diet or regular coke for £10. Got this isln the Coleraine Lidl but not sure if it's local or not but a good deal none the less.

Both Lisburn stores less so now :)


Wow, with that much coke, you really could make cola rain.



Great deal - its NI Only as someone posted the Portadown deal too


Nice one, i still send the brother if he's about - need mixers for Christmas!

Fox's Fabulously Biscuit Selection 550g £1.49 Lidl NI
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Posted 17th Dec 2019Posted 17th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Fox's Fabulously Biscuit Selection 550g £1.49 Lidl NI£1.49£2.9950%
Fox's Fabulously Biscuit Selection 550g £1.49 Lidl NI Was £2.99 now £1.49 It's £3/4 at the big supermarkets, £2.50 in Iceland Northern Ireland only.

oh no i wish they cpould have done it everywhere


Okay cheers


In Northern Ireland.


Is this everywhere?


Excellent price,Best I've seen!