Lidl Ockoberfest Liqueurs - 2 for £10

Lidl Ockoberfest Liqueurs - 2 for £10

Found 2nd Nov 2012
Unlike me, my wife doesn't drink that much. However when she does, she likes a Kir which as we all know, is white wine and blackcurrant liqueur, usually Cassis.
A few weeks back Lidl. as part of their Ockoberfest specials, were selling bottles of liqueur in three different flavours; blueberry (Heidelbeere), blackberry (Brombeere) and that old yellow stone fruit who's name escapes me. A 500 ml bottle with 20% alcohol would cost you £6.99. I bought the wife a bottle of the blueberry and suggested it might go well in Kir. It was a huge success and we went out a bought a load more.
Yesterday I saw Lidl selling these for two for a tenner in their Camberley store. Although it's obviously sweet, this isn't like those vile fruit liqueurs you get on foreign holidays to Greece or Spain. This is a decent price for a decent product.
It struck me that if, like me, you bought loads of Ogio chardonnay from Tesco yesterday , you might want to pep it up a bit. In which case a visit to Lidl might be worthwhile.
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It came to me in the bath. The third favour was Mirabelle (small yellow plum thingees).
hot for entertainment value, thanks for posting
good chance of there being none as that offer period is over
Great desciption, HOT

hot for entertainment value, thanks for posting

I agree; most amusing! (_;)
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