Lidl offers 24th Feb - 2nd March

Lidl offers 24th Feb - 2nd March

Found 23rd Feb 2011
Fresh British diced chicken breast or mini fillets 375g £1.99
2 fresh british beef ribeye steaks 400g £5.99
Pilgrims Choice extra mature cheddar 500g £2.99
Pataya ACE vitamin drink 1.5L £0.59p
Avocado £0.34p
Granny smith appples 1kg £0.99p
Formil boilogical powder 8.5kg £8.99
Plenty kitchen roll £3.99
Unsmoked rindless back bacon rashers 250g £0.79p
OceanTrader 4 cod steaks in butter or parsley sauce 540g £1.89
Daneak 4 sausage & baked bean crispbakes/ 4 gammon grills 2for£1.50 or £0.99p each
Bernard Matthews southern fried crispy chicken 260g 2for£2 or £1.49per pack
Grangedale 25 beef & tomato meatballs 708g £2.99
Pembrokeshire mature Welsh ceddar 350g £1.99
Vitasia Cantonese style special rice 750g £1.00
Crefee soft cheese garlic or herb 150g £0.69p
Muller light insired by cheesecake yogurt 6x165g £1.49
Nescafe original coffee 200g 2for£6
Perlenbacher premium plus 4.9% 6x500ml £4.99
Brains SA premium beer 4.2% 500ml £1.29
Penguin chocolate bars 9pack £0.79p
Golden Wonder 20pack £1.99
Pot noodle chicken & mushroom 90g 2for£1.50
Vita d'or frying oil 2L £1.99
Lenor fabric conditioner 1.5L £1.99
Ariel biological liquid with actilift 1.5L £2.99
W5 spectacle cleaning clothes x50 £0.99
W5 heavy duty hand cleaner 500ml £1.79
Ariel stain remover & whitener gel or stain remover powder 1L/500g £2.99each
W5 glass, WC or foam oven cleaner 500ml/400ml £1.29each
Aquaour disposible nitrile gloves S,M or L 100pack £4.99
W5 waterproofing spray 400ml £2.49
W5 dishwasher cleaner 2x250ml £1.99
W5 dishwasher freshener 3x6ml £1.49
Fairy platinum dishwasher tabs 555g £5.49
Aquapur Floor cleaning system £4.99
W5 OXY stain remover gel 1L £1.59
Blitz! spray 1L £0.99
W5 WC cleaning wipes x15 £0.39
Aquapur scouring pads £0.99
Aquapur bathroom or kitchen cleaning sponges x4 £1.19
Aquapur washing-up brushes £0.99
W5 Hygienic wurface wipes x15 £0.99
W5 WC tabs lemon or breeze 16x25g £1.49
BUster plughole & sink treatment bathroom or kitchen 300g/ml £1.89
Shiny sinks or hob brite 290ml/300ml £1.39
W5 OXY-action multi-surface stain remover 750g £1.89
Flash strong weave wipes x60 £1.49
Dr. Beckmann all purpose stain remover 150ml £1.29
W5 universal outdoor cleaner or carpet stain remover 750ml £1.29
Aquapur/ W5 Easy iron, spray starch or tumble dryer sheets 500ml/25pack £0.99each
Flash all purpose cleaner with febreeze or one for all cleaner 1L £1.00
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stocking up on the ACE drink, hmm. ta op heated
The vegetable oil is the cheapest I have found currently, with both Morrisons and Tesco having raised their prices. Don't put this in your diesel car unless you know what you are doing. If you DO know, you can get white spirit to thin it at Tesco for the same £2 for 2 litres.
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