Lidl Offers of the Week
Lidl Offers of the Week

Lidl Offers of the Week

Just in time for the weekend - veg, meat, bakery...............

Iceberg Lettuce 39p

New Potatoes 1.5kg Pack 59p

Cucumbers 29p

Courgettes 89p

Aubergines 39p

Pointed Cabbage 39p

Kingsmill Bread £1.00

Nescaf?riginal Decaff 200g £3.00

Nescaf?riginal 200g £3.00

Branston Baked Beans 4 x 420g £1.00

Pampers Baby Wipes 72 / 63 Pack £1.74

Buxton Still Natural Mineral Water 1.5L 26p

Pork Loin Joint 500g £1.99

White Quilted Toilet Paper 6 Rolls £2.39

Kinder Surprise 60g £1.00

Ocean Spray Juice Drink 1.5L £1.00

Bertolli Spread 500g £1.00

Aquafresh Multi Active Toothpaste 100ml £1.00

M?r Vitality Yogurt Drink 6 x 100g £1.00

Flash Antibacterial Wipes 60 Wipes £1.00

Lynx Shower Gel 250ml £1.00

Pepsi or 7UP £1.56

Copella Apple Juice £1.89

M?r Vitality Yogurt Multipack £2.48

Nik Naks, Skips or Hula Hoops 18 Pack £2.79

M?r Rice 200g 52p

Walkers Wotsits or Quavers 10 Pack £1.82

Knorr Ragu Sauce £1.15

M?r Fruit Corner 6 x 150g £2.88

Muller Biscuit Crunch Corner 6 x 150g £2.88

M?r Crunch Corner 6 x 150g £2.88


Excellent, many thanks, heat added.

Some very good deals this week... Voted hot....

I have a ALDI nearby and LIDL is beaten interms of range and price.

ALDI is doing 500g seedless grapes for 49p, 4 bananas for 30p...just some of the offers....

Aldi near me closed so Lidl is my only option and these proces are good voted hot

If Aldi is so much better why not bother to do a post?

Picked up the 39p Iceberg lettuce, and 4 x Vine Tomatoes for 22p yesterday.
The tomatoes are a real steal at 49p a kg.

Good price on the Branston Beans alone!

I have a Lidl and an Aldi both within 3 minutes of each other, really should shop in both more often!

Aren't these just the normal prices so these aren't so special?
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