Lidl Offers Thurs 17th - Weds 23rd February
Lidl Offers Thurs 17th - Weds 23rd February

Lidl Offers Thurs 17th - Weds 23rd February

Strathvale Fresh British Beef Rump Steak 400g Pack £3.49
Strathvale Fresh British Pork Belly Joint With Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing 1KG £3.99
Red Apples 1KG Pack 89p
King Edward Potatoes 2.5KG £1
Utterly Butterly 500g 75p
Cimarosa Australian Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz Cabnernet Sauvignon 13.5% vol 75cl 3 For £9.99
Bold 2 In 1 Lavender & Camomile 25 Washes 2KG £3.99
Goody Special Muesli Luxury Fruit & Nut 750g £1.19
Dulano Roast Ham Slices 200g £1.49
Espana Chorizo Extra Twinpack 2x100g £1.29
Master Brew Kentish Ale 4% Vol 500ml Bottle 99p
Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey Ham 170g 99p
Peter's Premier Pie Steak & Kidney 235g 99p
Coquette Quiche Lorraine or Cheese & Onion 400g 99p
Milbona Edam Slices 400g £1.29
Trattoria Alfredo Stonebaked Prosciutto Pizzas Twinpack 2 x 350g £1.79
Kinder Surprise 3 x 20g or Chocolate Mini Treats 200g 99p Each
Pilgrims Choice Mature Everyday Cheddar 300g £1.99
Ocean Trader 4 Chunky Hake Fillets Various Varities 500g £1.89
KingFrais Strawberry Trifle 600g £1.69
Knights Selection Crisps Various Varities 150g 59p
J2O Orange & Passion Fruit Juice Drink 12 x 275ml Bottles Pack £5.49
Beck's Beer 5% vol 15 x 275ml Bottles £8.99
Stella Artois Lager 5% vol 4 x 500ml Cans 2 For £7
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Drink Various Varieties 1.5Litre Carton 89p
Buxton Still Natural Mineral Water 8 x 500ml Bottles £1.49
Belbake 10 Caramel Wafers With Cinnamon 400g 99p
Loyd Grossman Pasta Sauce Various Varieties 350g Jar 99p
Comfort Pure 750ml Bottle 99p
Persil Small & Mighty Non Bio 1Litre 28 Washes £3.99
Floralys Quilted Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue 3 Ply 6 Rolls £2.49
Parozone Strongest Bleach Lavender 2Litre Bottle 99p
Pantene Various Varieties Shampoo 500ml or Conditioner 400ml 99p Each
Findus Sausages & Mash or Cottage Pie 360g 99p Each
Bernard Matthews Turkey Steaks 250g 99p
Bernard Matthews 12 Mini Kievs 272g 99p
Bernard Matthews Tastes Of Britain 2 Turkey Steaks Various Varieties 200g 99p
Bernard Matthews 5 Turkey Dinosaurs 200g 99p
Bernard Matthews Tastes Of Britain Turkey Bites 200g 99p
Aunt Bessie's Spotted Dick or Jam Roly Poly 300g 99p
Aunt Bessies Toad In The Hole 190g 99p
Driver's Pickled Eggs 340g Jar 99p
Cadbury's Mini Animals 8 x 25g Pack 99p
Mr Porky Pork Crackles 5 x 20g Pack 99p
KP Discos Variety 10 Packs 99p
Swizzels Matlow Variety Bag 226g 99p
Wagon Wheels 6 + 3 Extra Free 99p
Deluxe Butter Fudge 150g 99p
Vesta Meals Paella 108g, Beef Risotto 124g or Beef Curry 157g 99p Each
Glade Shake n Vac 500g 99p
Tango Orange or Apple 6 x 330ml Can Pack £1.39
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 1.5 Litre + 500ml Free Bottle 79p
Robinsons Fruit & Barley Peach, Summer Fruits or Orange 1 Litre 79p
Lambrini 7.5% vol 1.5 Litre Bottle £2.49
Babycham 5.5% vol 75cl £1.49
Woodpecker Cider 3.5% 4 x 500ml Can Pack £2.49
Red Square Ice 4% vol Various Varieties 70cl Bottle £1.49
St Helier Cider 5% vol Various Varieties 500ml Bottle £1.19
KP Roasted Salted Peanuts 500g £1.15
KP Dry Roasted Peanuts 300g 89p
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bubbly 181g, Turkish or Whole Nut 230g Bar £1.39 Each
McVities Hobnobs 300g 49p
McVities Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Digestives 400g 89p
Golden Wonder Trans-A-Snack Spicy 6 Pack 79p
Walkers French Fries Variety 14 Pack £1.49
Crawfords Teatime Varieties Biscuits 1KG Box £1.99
McVities Victoria Biscuit Selection 400g £2.49
Jacob's Iced 6 x 25g or Choc Gems 5 x 25g Pack 79p
Fox's Party Rings 125g 49p
McVities Jaffa Cakes Cake Bars 5 Pack 67p
Crusti Croc Salt Your Own Crisps 6 x 25g Pack 79p
Westlers 4 Hamburgers Tin 425g 79p
Heinz Original salad Cream 460g £1.49
Barrat Sweet Selections Fruit Salad & Black Jacks, Dolly Mix or Refresher Gums 190g 79p Each
Northwood 4 Luxury Caramel Shortcakes 240g 69p
Batts Seafood Sauce 250g Jar 49p


Some alright deals in there, but I'd give heat regardless just for writing it out!

Foxs party rings 49p weyhey!!!!

thanks... p.s, hows the head & wrist feeling after writing the list this week?

Original Poster


thanks... p.s, hows the head & wrist feeling after writing the list this … thanks... p.s, hows the head & wrist feeling after writing the list this week?

I'm fine now I had a wee nap X)

Great effort for writing all that out.
Some decent deals in there.
Heat added.

Well done for a lot of effort OP..Heat from me.


I'm fine now I had a wee nap X)

I hope you changed the sheets...

That's early this week, don't usually get them til Wednesday! Thanks for posting.

Bernard Matthews? Hang on, that can’t be right. Better check the sell-by date on those.

never ventured into one and never will


never ventured into one and never will




Because he/she is a troll.......

Heat added
Some of the deals are good and the effort involved in writing that list out is worth the heat alone

Heated for the effort!

A some good beer offers ere....thanks!

Heads up for the weekend only deals...
All Half Price

Fresh British Pork Loin Steaks 480g £1.49
Spinach 250g 49p
Vitafit Apple Juice 1.5L (100% Fruit Content) 46p ...Mega Bargain!
Vallley Spire Vintage Reserve Cheddar Cheese 400g £1.44

Wow....thanks for the list.
Nice post.
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