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LIDL POWERFIX 5-in-1 Multi-Detector £16.99
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LIDL POWERFIX 5-in-1 Multi-Detector £16.99

£16.99LIDL Deals
Posted 9th Jan 2017
3 year warranty
5 functions in 1:
Ultrasound distance measurement up to 16m, with length, area and volume calculation and optional unit switch (m/ft)
Wooden foundation detection up to a depth of approx. (mm): 38
Electric cable detection up to a depth of approx. (mm): 35
Metal detection up to a depth of approx. (mm): 24
Built-in marking laser up to 10-metre range including spirit level for aligning tiles, suspended cupboards etc
Battery included
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I was tempted by this.. but wasn't sure on quality, could anyone confirm?
What is the smallest bit in the set?

What is the smallest bit in the set?

ultrasound for distance will not be very accurate, bounces off just about everything and gives any number you can think of
laser is the only one worth getting for distance.
The old powerfix 5 in one with same features as this was not that great found a good review video it was in French but there were handy English subtitles for the important bits. Hopefully this newer version is better I've voted hot because if it works it's an absolute bargain, but the jury is still out on this one me thinks.
I'll give it heat for the price.
I use a laser meaure all day in my job, and would not trust an ultrasoung measure as dogwotsits said above, however for the other stuff this unit does, heat added
I have this and all the functions are very accurate and useful, and represents very good value.
It struggles over 20m on a flat wall and you can get an accurate reading if you manually ignore the odd values.
Defo accurate to 1cm.
However for larger distances and small target areas (the beam gets wider as distance increases) I do yearn to know how a laser would cope.
However they do rapidly jump in price and lose some features.
Borrowed one from a neighbour last week...absolutely woeful at finding wooden joists in my ceiling.
I've got an older version of this from 02/2009 (Manufacturer is Kompernass, but branded Powerfix Profi+ for LIDL)
Mine is blue/grey like this with a minor button layout difference.. probably same internals though:

[image missing]

It's not too bad.. It always measures very slightly short on distance (just tried it in a 2.17m gap (measured with a tape) and it consistently reads 2.16 - so fairly close).It does also have a HUGE area it sees when you get further away.. I wrote on the back at 15m the search radius is 3m wide.. so its not great at longer distances.

The laser level is just about useable.. Although there's no digital assist to get it level it relies on you using your eyes and the spirit level. The hold pins are next to useless, they just retract and it falls.

AC Detection seems to work OK as long as you calibrate it properly first (which is pretty quick not like the 20 seconds a it took in the German review mentioned above on Youtube)

Metal detect seemed to work OK as well.. at least the couple of times i've used it..

Joist/Stud detection.. I've never used, but just had a quick go and it seems accurate enough.. It found the joist i can 'see' in my ceiling (projector mount is screwed next to it so i know where it is).. and the distances it claims from one to the next seem accurate..

For the price id buy one if i lost this one.

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Does anyone know if this is still available?
Absolute rubbish and completely useless.
Measured the same distance a number of times and got a different reading each time.
Tried detecting wall studs and it didn't work. I already knew where the studs where so done this as a test, made sure it was calibrated correctly moved it slowly across a wall that has 8 studs it only beeped twice and both were wrong. It did detect an electric wire but only once out 6 attempts. Don't waste your money on this product.
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