lidl Rechargeable NiMH Batteries  -  £1.99

lidl Rechargeable NiMH Batteries - £1.99

Found 5th Jun 2008
Choose from 9V block, 4 x AAA, 4 x AA, 2 x C or 2 x D


I have some tronic nimh - they have given several years good service.

I used to pay more than this for ties in days gone by

Looks good tho only from 12 June at our Lidl

Any idea what the Ah rating is for the AA's?

Pounland have a range not too bad

Most Poundland = NiCd rather than NiMH
ie prone to memory effect/poorer performance.

Got 4 sets of NiMH that I cycle through my (faulty designed, ie wears out the batteries in 2-3 days) AllinOne universal remote control. Only one set has completely failed me - an old Lidl red/yellow set [wrongly thought earlier it was a newer black/silver set] and they might be quite old so guess I shouldn't complain (as I did earlier)...

I want to try those cleverer ones that hold the charge for months instead - more expensive but still such a bargain when compared to disposables.

Only duff batteries I got were from ledshoppe - absolute rubbish
7dayshop are a good source - apart from postage costs

recommended from me - i have several sets AAA AA and C.
seem fine and none failed on me yet - used on bike lights, camera, mp3 etc.
quite high capacity also, think 750 or above for AAA, 2200 or above AA, can't remember for C

at this price I think they're good value.

is this nationwide and from what date is this?

what ratings are the C's?

I bought these batteries last year and they are useless, they loose charge very quickly.

:|Sorry I hate leaving neg. feedback.

I thought they were a good deal at the time and bought them, wish I hadn't bothered.


what ratings are the C's?

I bought a few last time out, mainly aa's, they were 2500 capacity and a set of c's which were 4000. I bought 2 pair a couple of years ago of the aa's that were 2100 and the were ok for a few months but are failing me big time now. a pair don't work at all, literally 30 seconds in my camera, the rest are not a great deal better. I have some panasonic ones I bought from morrisons a couple of years ago and they are still going strong, would recommend quality ones for cameras, the tronic ones last a couple of hours in my xbox controllers, thats all they are good for now. Not hot but certainly not cold, you can get some use out of them.

All my previous ones are in the bin, bought about 10 packs over last few occasions, hoping they would improve. Don't last very long once charged and in a device and lose charge extremely quickly if not used immediately.

so no use for r/c cars/truck then?
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