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Lidl Silvercrest Cordless Iron for £14.99! Other HotLaundryDeals Instore from tomorrow (22 January)
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Lidl Silvercrest Cordless Iron for £14.99! Other HotLaundryDeals Instore from tomorrow (22 January)

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Posted 21st Jan 2017
Highlight of Lidl's Laundry Care Sunday is the return of the £14.99 Silvercrest Cordless Iron. Great price for an iron, let alone a cordless one!

Available instore only from tomorrow (Sunday 22 January).

3 year warranty
Max. 2400W
Choose from 2 designs
Can be used cordlessly for quick and convenient usage or corded for larger volumes
High-quality ceramic soleplate ensures optimal glide for effortless ironing
Variable continuous steam with 2 powerful steam burst functions
With anti-drip and self-clean function
Water reservoir capacity (ml): 360

I bought one of these myself. Good piece of kit, but should come with a warning - not long ago I was in a hurry so tried pressing my trousers whilst wearing them but ended up taking longer because I burned myself. Oh, the iron knee.

I'm here all week.

Also available but not spamming with separate deals
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Ooo a smoother

Would like to see the which review
You could iron your bedsheets on the bed. Genius.

Would like to see the which review

Which review you would you like to see?
Nearly saw myself spontaneously buying a jet ski when I saw the picture...

Would like to see the which review

​Well, you know where the internet is....
thought it was a jet ski. cold
Are these Lidl deals one day only or last for the week?

Are these Lidl deals one day only or last for the week?

Stock is put out on the deal day and is kept on sale until sold
Its a good deal..... these will go quick i reckon, best get in this morning if you want one.
Looks like a jetski! Heat added!

Would like to see the which review


This Lidl Silvercrest cordless iron is available for a limited time in Lidl stores. It's cheaper than most ordinary steam irons, let alone rival cordless models, which usually cost £50 or more. It can be used both with and without the cord, and has a ceramic sole plate, vertical steam and an anti-calc system for protection against limescale. At just £15, can it give pricier irons a run for their money? Read the full review to find out.

PROS Irons a variety of fabrics well, strong steam shot, cordless feature works well, can iron with cord as well for larger loads, very cheap considering the features you get, beaker supplied for filling the iron, generally easy to use, fill and store.
CONS Not quite as good at ironing out deeper creases or on low temperatures, cordless charging base can slip off the board, handle can be uncomfortable, instructions are a little confusing, needs demineralised water or cleaning after every use if you live in a hard water area.
For the price, I was pleasantly surprised by this cordless Lidl iron. It belted out lots of steam, was versatile and lasted well in cordless mode. But it didn't seem as effective as my current (Best Buy) iron, and a few niggles held it back. If you iron a lot, it's probably not for you.

What is it?
A cheap steam iron from Lidl that can be used either with or without the power cord attached. The iron detaches from the charging base, which holds the cord using a small unlocking switch. You can then use it to iron without the cord getting in your way.
If you need more sustained steam power, you can lock the two parts together and iron as you would with an ordinary iron. It's the only iron we've seen that offers the option to switch between modes in this way.
Available for a limited time in Lidl stores, it costs just £15, yet offers all the features you'd expect from a pricier model, such as drip-stop, limescale protection and a vertical steam shot for refreshing clothes on the hanger or upholstery, as well as the cordless function. You also get a three-year warranty, which is generous for an iron at this price point.
Like most basic steam irons, it has a control dial for adjusting the temperature, plus spray and steam burst functions. The steam level is adjustable, and it comes with a handy beaker for filling the water tank.
It's available in two colour options: pink and white or green and black.
What's it great at?
The cord-free ironing function works well. I found it lasted for a few strong steam bursts and could iron around half a pillowcase or t-shirt before it needed returning to the base for charging. It heats up again quickly, by the time I'd adjusted the garment I was ironing, it was ready to go again.
It's easy to switch to ironing with the cord attached too, and the base was light enough that the iron still felt light and manoeuvrable in my hand.
This Lidl iron seemed to churn out a decent amount of steam, roughly comparable with my current iron, a cheap Best Buy from Philips from a few years ago. The sole plate has a tapered end, which made it easier to get in between buttons on shirts.
I like the beaker that's included. It's a nice extra for the price and made it easy to fill the iron with water. The cord also has a clip so you can wrap it around the base after you finish and tidy it away.
Anything I should watch out for?
This iron glided well when the steam was flowing, but on the lower temperatures needed for synthetic fabrics it was less smooth. You can only use steam on the highest temperatures, otherwise you'll end up with water drops on your clothes.
The steam burst could be quite violent, which was a little unnerving. A lot came out the sides meaning I had to stand back from the ironing board to avoid it. When you turn it down it drops from full to minimal quite dramatically, so it takes a bit of trial and error to get the level right.
I wouldn't use the cordless mode for a large load of ironing. After ironing a handful of garments, I found the textured dots on the handle started to chafe my hand over time as I lifted the iron from the charging station.
The charging station is quite light and the base is smooth, so if you aren't careful it can slip off the ironing board.
Anything else I should know?
The instructions are thorough but I found them overly complicated. They also state you should use demineralised water if you live in a hard water area, or a combination of tap and demineralised water in an area with moderately hard water. If you use tap water, the instructions recommend using the cleaning function after every use, which seems a bit of a chore.
The cord length is just under two metres, which is about average for a cheap iron. The controls are generally simple to use, although the markings on the control dial are quite small, and it's not that easy to see how full the water tank is.
Before you use the iron, you need to iron a plain cloth with a full tank of water. During this process an unpleasant odour is emitted, which the instructions say is a by-product of the manufacturing process. The instructions warn you to do this in an adequately ventilated room, but it's hard to get away from the steam when you need to control the iron.
Which? first look verdict
This Lidl iron isn't bad, considering the price. If you're keen to try going cordless, or want a bargain basement iron, it's worth considering - especially if you only iron a few garments every so often. But if you regularly have lots of laundry to get through, you'd be better off with one of our tried and tested Best Buys, as we've found top-notch steam irons that stand up to limescale over repeated use that cost less than £40.
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Which one's do Which recommend?

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Yes please
Ummmm wireless cool, but no mini sd slot

Yes please

See above very kind post by simonspeakeasy

Ummmm wireless cool, but no mini sd slot

​No expansion these days, ironing in the cloud and all...

​No expansion these days, ironing in the cloud and all...

I see, how many kw of space in the cloud thou
Is there a fully detailed instruction manual to understand how both the cordless and the corded format actually work From the comments posted this NOT clear?
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