Lidl Sliced Chorizo 200g £1

Lidl Sliced Chorizo 200g £1

Found 11th Aug 2010Made hot 11th Aug 2010
Lidl sliced chorizo 200g £1 down from £1.89


HOT.good price as asda is £1.28 for 88g packet which i usually get. yum thanks !

Got some of this on Sunday- it's really nice!

Had this before when it's been on offer it's perfectly tasty enough works really well in cooking as well as in sandwiches.

Personally I like to make a toastie up then before putting the "top" on slip some on the top then return to the grill till Chorizo starts to go crispy on the edge then scoff!!

Don't forget lidl have a realy nice whole thin chorizo sausage from 2.29 to 1.29 thats sublime..

Dulano Chorizo Paprika Salami 300g down from £2.29 to £1,29 (£4.30 per KG) Cheap!

The sliced chorizo is tasty. £5 off £30 voucher, too…pdf



Hot though!

I prefer this sliced one to the whole one, it's better quality IMO.

watch out at the till, it didn't show for £1 at shanklin iow store had to get them to refund me 89p

I just went, still had it marked at £1.89. Also they didn't have the spice rack which they had advertised, nor did they have any feta cheese and they only had one type of pasta! Lidl is ****.

Years ago it was good, nowadays the prices barely compete with the big 4 and they stock next to nothing.

Maybe it's just my local branch, who knows.
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