Lidl Valley Spire Mature Cheddar 1kg block for £4.79

Lidl Valley Spire Mature Cheddar 1kg block for £4.79

Found 5th Feb 2014
Not a special by the look of it just a new product. Made by Wyke farm is Somerset under-water.

Tastewise it's good and not as crumbly as the extra/vintage stuff they also have in Lidl.
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The size is new, had this before nice. Heat added.
That is a fantastic price for a kilo of any British cheese, let alone mature cheddar. Heat from me.
Aldi Everyday Essentials Mature Cheddar is very nearly the same price per kilo. Going by the label, this is also British cheese. Link
i like cheese but rarely eat it nowadays ever since i saw a cardiologist explain how animal fats would wrap themselves ever-tighter around the heart muscle until one eventually experiences a cardiac event!

it's ok in moderation - especially if combined with a mediteranean diet.
Wait seb, cheese = bad

THe Lild in Wonford Exeter has 400g packs of Valley Spire Vintage Cheddar for £1.99. Obviously this is a bit more expensive than the deal posted here, but it's still under £5.00 per kilo.
Farmfoods have there mature cheddar @ £5.00 per kilo, if you have no Lidl.
1K is an enormous block, but it's cheap!
They also had some unbranded mild cheddar for the same price (for those who like being immature?).
We found that this cheese was mild rather than 'full flavoured', as it says on the pack. Also, it sticks to your teeth, when melted, and we've never had cheddar that does that, before! Not keen.
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