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Lidl - Vegetable and Flower Seeds £0.29 to £1.49

Lidl - Vegetable and Flower Seeds £0.29 to £1.49

£0.29£1.4981%LIDL Deals
Posted 26th JanAvailable: National
Massive choice. Have had good results from Lidl seeds in the last 6 or so years. Can particularly recommend their Harzfuer tomatos - robust variety developed years ago in the old GDR

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Are these available across the country / now? Thanks
Got bedding plants (know not seeds)last year really good quality must try seeds
None in the Ardler Store in Dundee when I was in earlier looking before I saw your post.
Maybe just starting to get them in.
I agree with op, had some good results with this make of seeds.
Thanks, grow Harzfeuer toms every year, a great allrounder and good cropper.
Thanks, have been waiting for these to arrive. I had picked out Harzfeuer as a good variety to try this year, so it was nice to get the commendations.

I would like to recommend Konsa cucumbers. I've grown these for several years now. They're a smallish cucumber, reliable and tasty. They are slightly spiny, but you can remove the spines with the back of a table knife.
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