Lidl wine offers - Chilean Pedro Jiminez - £17.96 for 6 bottles

Lidl wine offers - Chilean Pedro Jiminez - £17.96 for 6 bottles

£17.96LIDL Deals
Found 25th Apr 2014
Hey with all these wine offers from tescos and asda this gotta be good to... I have tried this Chilean pedro Jimenez and when chilled it's class !! Works out £2.99 a bottle and to me that's a good offer... In total there are four offers across the lidl NI range but these are the nicest of the 4
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Great for the BBQ weather coming up
Not a fan of the Cimarosa range personally. I think they taste cheap and nasty, even well chilled.

However in the link I saw the Batturica Reserva for a little more and if it is anything like its big brother the Gran Reserva, it should be well worth the little bit extra. That's red of course.
Superb value, unfortunatly no sign of it coming to English stores soon. Still voted hot
That's why I uploaded the brochure the other 2 deals are good to roll on the sunshine (I hope)
Damn and blast! This must be only for Lidl in Northern Ireland.
Hey Lidl UK offer me this deal and I'll buy 50 cases tomorrow! Lidl's wines are awesome value and are excellent quality. I've been drinking their South African reds of late and they are just as good as the wines I buy on holiday in South Africa.
Yeah, them pesky Tesco deals eh ? ;-)

Voted hot from me, because a deal is a deal !
good price
If you can drink cheap lidl wine then its a relatively good deal
Just a comment...

For all the wine snobs out there, a wine cannot taste 'cheap'. It can taste too acidic, too vinegary, too young, just bland and if you're really unlucky, corked. Whether a wine costs a lot or a little has nothing to do with the taste. I've had mega expensive wines from Berry Brothers which have been very ordinary so there's no correlation between cost and taste.
Lidl wines are IMHO good, drinkable wines. Occasionally they have very good wines (their Chimrosa Ozzie Cab Sauvignon at £4.49 is first rate). The average quality of Lidl wine beats similar offerings from Tesco & Sainsburys hands down. If you have dismissed Lidl wines without trying them first, you're missing out.
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