LidlMovies-The UK's Cheapest DVD Rentals. Free 30 day trial, from £3.39 per month after.
LidlMovies-The UK's Cheapest DVD Rentals.  Free 30 day trial, from £3.39 per month after.

LidlMovies-The UK's Cheapest DVD Rentals. Free 30 day trial, from £3.39 per month after.

DVD Rental Package LidlMovies Lovefilm Blockbuster Outnow Tesco
2 discs a month fixed__£3.39___£3.99___£4.99_____£4.99__£3.97
3 discs a month fixed__£5.09___£5.99____n/a_______n/a___£5.97
4 discs a month fixed__£6.79___£7.99___£7.99_____£7.99__£7.47
1 disc unlimited______£8.49___£9.99___£9.99______n/a___£8.97
2 disc unlimited_____£11.04___£12.99__£12.99___£12.99__£11.97
3 disc unlimited_____£13.59___£15.99__£15.49___£15.99__£14.97

65,000 DVD Choices
Free Home Delivery and Return
Lowest Prices Guaranteed
No Due Dates, Late Fees or Contracts
1 Month FREE Trial


Titles available:

Das Boot
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex
The Lives of Others
Madchen, Madchen

Shame it is run by outnow, dreadful company.
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Shame it is run by outnow.

But cheaper. Why, are they no good?


But cheaper. Why, are they no good?


I was tempted a few months ago but I Googled 'Outnow' and 'Lidl Movies' video rental for customer reviews/feedback and I was very dissapointed in what was said about them. At least with Lovefilm you know where you stand....free 1,2, and 3 monthly trials! ,,,,LOL...(or 3 months for 1)..oh and there turn around service is very good.

I was with Lidl Movies last year for a short time, it started off really well then went rapidly downhill. Huge problems with sending wrong discs, turnaround time became longer, and still charged me when I cancelled with plenty of time left on my account. It had taken about 2 months to sort things out and get a refund only after contacting trading standards regarding the appalling service I received.

I'd go with either Blockbuster or Lovefilm, I've had no problems with either.

Lidl should stick to selling cheap foreign food and leave DVD rentals to companies like Blockbuster or Love Film!

I've not used Lidl movies, but have used outnow. They start off OK, but soon take longer and longer to send out discs. I was receiving a disc, watching it and returning it next day. It was taking at least a week to get another one. If I posted on a monday, I wouldn't get another disc until tuesday or wednesday of the following week. I bought a three month subscription ("trial period") to a one disc package for a couple of quid, so didn't mind too much, but cancelled it with a couple of weeks to go as it was not value for money at full price and I didn't want to risk them taking ages to process the last disc, and charging me full price for the fourth month.
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