Lidl:Tronic Rapid Charger TLG1000 C4 £13.99 @ Lidl instore

Lidl:Tronic Rapid Charger TLG1000 C4 £13.99 @ Lidl instore

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Found 17th Jul 2014
I bought one these today at Lidl. The charger appears to be based on the same engine as an Ansmann Energy 8 charger which I've found in my experience to be a competent and reliable charger which has looked after my NiMH and NiCad stock, even my old 20 year old Tandy and Boots NiCads. The Ansmann 8 is about £40 (I have one of those too but only two positions work after a spillage) Reviews of the Lidl Tronic TLG 1000 C4 seem favourable.

I can't find the deal online and don;t know which stores are participating and betwwen which dates but one can find a manual for the TLG 1000

It states:
C4 For use with Ni-MH and Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries
Charges up to 8 batteries simultaneously
Intelligent voltage-dependent charge control with optimised charging cycle
With discharge function for consistently high battery performance
Trickle charging with Delta-U voltage monitoring
Rapid capacity test via LCD display – for 9V block batteries via LED
Fully automatic rechargeable battery recognition
With shut-off timer
Suitable for worldwide use with 100-240V input voltage
Overload and reverse polarity protection
Batteries not included
Rechargeable battery type (Ni-MH/Ni-Cd)
Micro (AAA)
Mignon (AA)
Baby (C)
Mono (D)
9V block
Capacity (mAh): 150-1000 / 600-2500 / 1000-5000 / 1000-9000 / 100-200
Charge time (hrs) approx.: 0.53-3.5 / 0.85-3.5 / 1.4-7 / 1.4-12.6 / 2.3-4.6
Charge current (mA): 400 / 1000 / 1000 / 1000 / 60
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I bought one of these previously and it works really well. I have had batteries that other chargers failed to charge but this does some sort of deep discharge job and then charges so worth buying.
Voted hot, have one like it. Maybe not as good as the Wizard? (3x cost) but I found that too complex setting charge/discharge currents when I just want to plug in some batteries quickly for the kids and have them ready. This charges 6x AAs pretty well/quickly.
Gave that to my cousin...
Ingot this a few weeks ago, batteries last longer when used with this device.
Woah ! A battery nerd ! Thanks battery nerd.

Woah ! A battery nerd ! Thanks battery nerd.

No thanks gaming nerd.
Does anyone know if the TLG1000 or TLG500 battery charger require a pure sine wave input (like from an inverter in a caravan, for example)?
Sorry, I don't know Ben.It's still in warranty so I'm not opening it up to look at the electronics, but listening with a stethoscope it does sound like there's PWM chopping going on in there though from the harmonics. I have different chargers for different power supply situations mains, interrupted mains, DC, nbit i have no access to stepwise linear supply so can't check it for you. If you aren;t using C or D cells, there are some excellent chargers on the market which would be more compact, lighter (to reduce payload if your caravan is mobile) and tolerant of different supply situations.
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