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HJC FG-15 Carbon Motorcycle helmet £149.99 at LidsDirect
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Posted 10th Feb 2016Posted 10th Feb 2016
HJC FG-15 Carbon Motorcycle helmet £149.99 at LidsDirect
HJC FG-15 Carbon Free deluxe bag worth £19.99 Free dark visor worth £39.99 Description Advanced carbon shell. Optically-superior Pinlock prepared face shield Pr… Read more

buy ls2 carbon helmet. they sell for 150 or something in ebay. plus u get warranty if u crash they replace free of charge :)


199.99 now


I've bought it and don't even own a motorbike


It's been around this price for a while. Have a look at this thread from 2014:


Don't need buy REALLY want. .....

TCX Infinity Goretex boots  £135.99 @ LidsDirect
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Posted 24th Jan 2015Posted 24th Jan 2015
TCX Infinity Goretex boots £135.99 @ LidsDirect
These boots have a list price of £250. They are dicounted to an already bargain £169. If you use the code sale20 at checkout 20% further is discounted. I have a pair of these, they… Read more
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great price for a great pair of boots. heat added


I have had a pair for a while now (size 44) an they are comfy to ride and walk in as well as keeping your feet dry.


Good boot and great price, shame only sizes 44,45 & 46 so no good for me (bigfoot)

HJC FG-15 Carbon Helmet just £169.99 at LidsDirect (all sizes)
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Posted 25th Mar 2014Posted 25th Mar 2014
HJC FG-15 Carbon Helmet just £169.99 at LidsDirect (all sizes)
This is a great price for a full Carbon helmet. Also includes a tinted visor and deluxe helmet bag. Advanced FULL CARBON shell. Optically-superior Pinlock prepared Faceshield Pro… Read more

Sorry my reply yesterday isn't clear (I was using my phone)... what do you need to know... if you are looking for suggestions on the best Scooter to get then I'm not really the best to advise. There's bound to be plenty of information on the internet though.


received my RHPA 10 PLUS.... great lid!! anyway it was surrounded by 3 layers of cardboard, each with a fair bit of space around the other. it's unlikely in my opinion that the helmet would be damaged transit



Hi I am new to motorcycle and have recently passed cbt. Need to buy a 125cc scooter, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


I managed to pick up a RPHA 10+ black and white Zappy for £169.99 from Lids Direct which I thought was unbeatable... until I searched and a month or two ago it was £139.99.... now that is an amazing price!!

HJC R-PHA 10 Plus £139.99 @ Lidsdirect
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Posted 3rd Feb 2014Posted 3rd Feb 2014
HJC R-PHA 10 Plus £139.99 @ Lidsdirect
The ultimate HJC helmet with Premium Integrated Matrix shell technology. As worn by Ben Spies of Moto GP fame! The 'Plus' version of the R-PHA 10 has new and improved vents & i… Read more
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just got mine today.... well worth the 169 I paid


Gutted I couldn't get this for the £139.... I've just paid £169 for it, either way it's an excellent helmet.


Gone up to 170 but still by far the cheapest around, still available in all sizes


Amazing price!


massive bargain hot hot hot

HJC FG-15 Carbon Fibre Helmet With Extras £199.99 - Lids Direct
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Posted 12th Jul 2013Posted 12th Jul 2013
HJC FG-15 Carbon Fibre Helmet With Extras £199.99 - Lids Direct
comes with a hjc smoke visor, good quality helmet bag and an oxford oximiser 900 (they are 35 quid even on ebay, but retail at 50) this is a fairly decent price for a full carbon f… Read more
20% off Shoei and Shark Helmets This Weekend at Lids Direct
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Posted 15th Jun 2013Posted 15th Jun 2013
20% off Shoei and Shark Helmets This Weekend at Lids Direct
20% discount code for Shoei and Shark helmets this weekend, just enter code SH20 at checkout.
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Perhaps worth mentioning that helmetcity have better prices on the XR-1100 if you want bolder graphics with some dropping from £420 to £270 (Thanks to Dealsonmeals for that one)


Thanks OP just saved me £80+ on a Shoei XR-1100! Been eyeing it up for a while and took this to be a message from the Gods ;)


Damn, I really want another XSpirit-2... Good discount for those that are after a new lid, worth mentioning that helmetcity is also have a sale if you can't find the one you're after.


J&S Motorcycles also have a 50% sale on helmets at the moment


Ta. Ordered a new one.

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LID Havoc Graphic Red Motorcycle Helmet £19.99 @ Lids Direct
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Posted 5th Jun 2013Posted 5th Jun 2013
LID Havoc Graphic Red Motorcycle Helmet £19.99 @ Lids Direct
Reduced from £99.99 to £19.99 I've searched HDUK but couldn't find a live listing for this. Seems like a good deal, I'm looking to learn, so don't want to spend a fortune only to … Read more

XL size only




I don't see why not, if its road legal, you should be able to use it on a karting track


Would happily pay this to use when karting rather than stick my head in one of the sweaty, smelly helmets provided. Would this be suitable?


Thanks for the heads up (if you excuse the pun) :-)

Oxford neck warmers just pay for postage £4.49 @ Lids Direct
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Posted 5th Mar 2013Posted 5th Mar 2013
Oxford neck warmers just pay for postage £4.49 @ Lids Direct
Just pay for postage (£4.49) think you will either get the colours shown in the image or a random pack. These are usually £8.99+ for a pack. Aldi are selling them for £2.99 each:… Read more
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Grand total of £4.49 for me here


comes up £10.44 for me as you have to add P&P !!! what am I doing wrong then? :)


Yeah, have to agree the postage was cheaper last time (think it was around £3). I got a full black one, a checkered black and white one and a light blue with circle (target boards) pattern. No weird smells though :)


Aldi ones are nowhere near as good as Oxford ones, got some last year went straight to the kids for 'pretending to be like Dad' when on their pushbikes... worth it for that I guess :)


Got some real sissy ones last time this offer was on, plus postage was less then too. Do I gamble again or do I pass....... phone a friend time! Helmets from £20(+£5 postage) was £99. Site verified by notron
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Posted 24th Jan 2013Posted 24th Jan 2013 Helmets from £20(+£5 postage) was £99. Site verified by notron
Go easy on me this is my first deal. I've just passed my CBT and will be taking to the road soon so whilst looking for a helmet i came across this. I'm yet to see even plain bog st… Read more

Bought one of these helmets, unpacked it and it was broken, had a crack right along the plastic vent. They are very bad with communication, been waiting a week for a reply to two emails. trying to arrange collection for return. W ould not recommend lidsdirect, if there is a problem seems like they don't care.


you can get an extra 20% off everything on lidsdirect using code feb20, Just got £32 off a new lid :D


nice looking lid and a good price but PLEASE get measured up and make sure it fits correctly x


Sounds suitable for car trackdays. Saves me having to rent a lid for £10 a day and I'm sure the visor could be detached. The helmets for hire are never fitted for you but I guess it's not as important inside a car.


You also tend to pay for a better overall quality of construction, lower noise, visors that don't leak, visor mechanisms that work properly, vents that don't break and interiors that don't fall apart within 6 months.

Arai Chaser-V St George RRP £504.99 TO JUST £249.99 @
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Posted 1st Aug 2012Posted 1st Aug 2012
Arai Chaser-V St George RRP £504.99 TO JUST £249.99 @
The Arai Chaser-V has been redesigned from the ground up in almost every detail. A matter of evolution instead of revolution, to continue the success of the popular and loved Chase… Read more

Looks good..also looks like there other one...the conder.



I've no doubt its a good lid.... Goes without saying really with Arai.


Some info on the Chaser V range Jeff :- The Arai Chaser-V Motorcycle Helmet is an evolution of one of Arai Helmets most popular and universally praised helmets, the Chaser. Updated in almost every way, the Arai Chaser-V is constructed with a SFL (Super Fibre Laminate) shell and features a wider aperture and SAI visor giving improved vision, interior comfort is increased by the modified ventilation system; the large rear vent now creates a 50% higher vacuum, and in combination with the larger side vents greatly improve air circulation, a host of detail changes - including deleting some interior parts and repositioning attachment buttons - greatly add to the Arai Chaser-V's comfort and useability. Even the shape of the interior itself has been fine-tuned to prevent pressure points while offering the necessary snug fit.


I've seen previous Chaser models for under £200, but not sure how much better this series V is. Best to try on in a shop first.... not everyone has an Arai shaped head.

HJC IS-16 Silver Motorbike Helmet - Half Price (£69.99) @ Lids Direct
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Posted 17th Jul 2012Posted 17th Jul 2012
HJC IS-16 Silver Motorbike Helmet - Half Price (£69.99) @ Lids Direct
The IS-16 is HJC's best selling helmet. Normally around £140. I can only assume it is such a low price because silver is not such a desirable colour.
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Rope and a mate with a car?


I doubt I would be able to manage that without damaging the bike.


Come off your bike and treat yourself to some new leathers/textiles boots and gloves too :)


yep, I'm urging it to be dropped on the floor so I can buy a new one :)


But wouldn't that mean that club racers would be wearing cheap yet apparently safe lids, yet they aren't. When you got your lid if you'd known it was only 4 star would you of not of had it and instead chose a 5 star? I'm not saying the most expensive lids are the best but I'm not going to take any notice of a government scheme that was invented by people who I expect don't even ride bikes.

Lids Direct Helmets from £19.99 (reduced from £89.99)
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Posted 26th May 2012Posted 26th May 2012
Lids Direct Helmets from £19.99 (reduced from £89.99)
First post, so please be kind. Lids Direct are doing helmets from £19.99, reduced from £89.99. Got myself a Box Helmet for £29.99 with a 4 star SHARP rating. They have sizes to su… Read more

Thabiz, we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one man, no worries thats what healthy debate is all about Cheep lids should not be encouraged also with respect a shark is not an Aria or Shoei, You will see the top riders on tv wearing all manner of brands but trust me the lid they have on their bonce is a completely different thing to the one me and you can go and buy from our local dealer, Only Arai use exactly the same materials and construction methods on their road lids as they do on their sponsored racers. All helmets look the same or very similar when cut open, the real difference is down to the type of foams and polystyrene used to achieve good 'crush/collapse rates' and acceptable 'skull deceleration' upon impact, small differences have a huge effect on brain trauma and recovery rate/chance. Unfortunately the new tests don't cover this as thoroughly as they should or could and thats how loads of new names have sprung up over the last few years. What i will agree with though is a badly fitting lid should be avoided whatever the brand. Anyhow all of this is academic if we all repeat the daily mantra... Today i will have a safe enjoyable ride and above all i am NOT going to crash! Oh one final tip to all the little scooter assassins, if you do find your self in a heap out side the local chippy or bus stop and the lass you've been trying to impress sees you on the deck (we've all been there) just casually look up and declare with a rye smile ....... 'I haven't come off i'm just having a rest' with a bit of luck she'll laugh, you'll laugh, mission accomplished ;)


Some people cant afford many £££'s to spend on a lid alone, I never suggested ride round in inadequate clothing. I dont doubt that they are lovely helmets, and obviously I know real bikers wear them too. They are not magic "I wont die" cards though, ive seen both a cheapo and a shark cut open and no difference. Buy the best you can afford is good advice but for far less than the price of an arai or shoei someone could be kitted out with good textile jacket, trousers, gloves, boots, helmet and even afew extras such as thermals, kidney belt, neck tube, tank bag etc. Cheaper options should be encouraged not sneered at. Thats partly the reason you see so many youngsters not in proper gear or wearing their dads hand me down old cool brand helmet even if its been dropped and doesnt fit.


Great helmet for little assassins with scooters.


Well i've been riding 30 years in all weathers and 7 days a week and i will say again Arai and Shoei are the only lids i would ever use, the inner construction of these budget helmets and the materials used are second rate in comparison. Maybe the 'weekend warriors' do use these lids and full leathers but so what? does that mean the rest of the 'reel hard bikers' ride round in flipflops and a tracki top? dont be daft. Honestly guys forget this BS and buy the very best you can afford you may not get a second chance to regret your decision.

Dr.Zoidberg There you go.

HJC R-PHA 10_Club Dark Helmet - very light - £149.99 + 5.95 delivery. RRP £299.99 !!! @
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Posted 20th Dec 2011Posted 20th Dec 2011
HJC R-PHA 10_Club Dark Helmet - very light - £149.99 + 5.95 delivery. RRP £299.99 !!! @
Dispatched same day if ordered before 1pm (Tue-Fri) Included with this helmet: Discount worth £150.00 | Additional smoke visor worth £44.99 | Pinlock anti-fog insert worth £24.99 … Read more

I agree, lots of high end helmets have scored very badly on the sharp website, shoei, Arai etc. Schuberth which is considered a premium helmet very quiet, some costing £450 getting a 2/5 rating. Logically how could that be. I have looked into the snell testing but it gives no details just a pass. All my research was done long before this thread ever existed. I crashed head first over the handle bars (van pulled out in front of me) once with a hjc and apart from scratches, when i took the helmet apart no damage to the inside layers. When i replaced my gf i dropped her old one on concrete many times to see what would happen to the insides (people say comment " if you drop your helmet its useless the inside crumples blah blah) i have never seen any of these signs. To be honest it looks like a old fashion bicycle helmet with a hard case over the top. I tried a hjc zf10 it got a 4/5 rating and it feels like a toy helmet, the quality is terrible i do not know how it could receive the high scores it did. A track crash will be different to a road crash. How many race track riders come off at 150mph then get up and walk away. On the road you have cars from all angles, buildings, pavements, street lights, railings, a endless list. So many different factors to consider and if you look at some of the tests they are hard objects coming from all angles. Your head is one area you need to protect, hundreds of pounds is nothing in the long run. Good site for helmet reviews Their conclusion is that the inexpensive, polycarbonate shell Z1R transferred an average of 152Gs to the head-form, vs. 211Gs of the Snell-approved Scorpion EXO-700. Also, the UK's RIDE magazine tested 28 helmets in the May 2005 issue. While the testing methodology was slightly different, they also found that the HJC AC-11 provided the second best impact absorption of the lot. Could it be that a motorcycle helmet doesn't necessarily have to be expensive to provide good protection?


I have seen Arai and other big name helmets rated 2/5 or 3/5 on sharp. I don't think world champions would wear such helmets whilst on the track if they were not the best so I think the Sharp test is just a guide .... not definitive. It all depends on the tests done.


When i have been looking at helmets and the sharp test was mentioned nearly all retailers said take it as a guide and i was informed that if its passed the american SNELL test which is a more intense testing programme then its a very good Helmet.


I voted hot, its 50% the top model hjc helmet, high quality and like i said i was going to buy. I love hjc i have two fg-15 for myself and gf. but you can not ignore the Sharp test, it is not dated the helmet was released this year. SHARP came into being in 2007, after the Department for Transport found real differences in the safety performance of motorcycle helmets available in the UK. While all helmets have to meet minimum safety standards, research showed that up to 50 lives could be saved each year if motorcyclists wore the safest helmets available to them. MCN seem to trust them "What’s not: It got three out of five stars in government Sharp helmet tests, scoring poorly for side impact. This and the aforementioned ear space may not be coincidence. "


I have the 2010 Ben Spies texas flag one, and it is super light, quite quiet, and the fit is very good for round heads very similar fir for me to a arai and KBC, if you have a AGV then this will not suit. it is worth every penny i paid for mine, when i was looking at these Hein Gericke didnt have them in stock so i tried the higest spec HJC they had and that fitted better than the arai, shoei and xlite and the rpha-10 fits the same, J&S had it stock but they wouldnt let me try it on unless i was prepared to by it if it fitted, i have had several helmets and have at the moment this a top of the range KBC a Top of the range Shark and a Scorpion thease are all great helmets but the RPHA-10 is by far the best and i agree its the dogs danglies!! HOT!!

Lidsdirect + MCN Free Oxford Comfy Pack  £3.99 P&P
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Posted 7th Dec 2011Posted 7th Dec 2011
Lidsdirect + MCN Free Oxford Comfy Pack £3.99 P&P
Lids Direct has teamed up with MCN, the world’s leading source of biking news, to bring you this exclusive offer. Just pay £3.99 P&P and we will send you a pack of 3 Oxford Com… Read more

got these last year. ordered again. thanks op


Also got them last year. Great bargain!


Me too I just got this by email . Got these last year also, good for the money


these are great


great deal, sadly i have a 19 1/2 neck so like a noose on me

Schuberth C3 motorcycle helmet - £270 @ LidsDirect
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Posted 12th Oct 2011Posted 12th Oct 2011
Schuberth C3 motorcycle helmet - £270 @ LidsDirect
Yes this sounds expensive, but the Schuberth C3 is one of the most expensive and best helmets on the market. Most retailers are charging £499 for plain colours. Best price from my … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Not trying to resurrect this.... But I paid £299 for a large Anthracite C3 helmet. Reduced further.... Now £239 for same thing. Bargain!


I used to ride a push bike with no helmet till I knew better, racers used to wear this helmet before they knew better


I don't think anyone has said they're bad helmets (far from it) but the SHARPs test is one (of several) objective tests and surely worth taking into consideration. When it comes to Schumacher, etc. I think it's reasonable to assume that the only common factor between his helmet and the ones on sale is the brand. Regardless of all of the above, even the SHARPs people stress that FIT is the most important factor (presumably all the hyper-stars have theirs custom fitted). If this Schuberth is a good fit for you that probably outweighs any concern about the SHARP rating For me, noise levels are very important too as I already have tinnitus but that's really difficult to determine until it's bought and used. So, not trying to knock this deal, just pointing out a factor to be considered along with others. It would be interesting to know why it only gets 3 stars though. Purely on a price vs RRP basis this is a hot deal.


I'm not too sure if I am in the presence of racing Gods in this thread, but unless some of you know something I don't know, then this thread is beginning to turn quite comical. Isle of Man TT, AVERAGE speed around this road race 'track' (i.e. travelling past someone's front garden stone wall!) is approximately 130mph for ~17 minutes per lap, and roughly completing 5-6 laps per session. Let me put it this way; this is seriously f-ing fast. Now anyone here would agree that this take some big balls to compete in, and that the rider must have COMPLETE confidence in both their team and equipment. I personally have seen countless Arai RX-7s' and Condors, Schuberth lids (both older SP1 and C2 C3 derivatives). I personally know of two teams who have competed in the zero emissions race within the last couple of years (electric bikes TTxGP) and again, both have worn so-called '3 star' lids when racing. Michael Schumacher; If anyone knows the importance of unquestionable safety equipment, one would presume it's Herr Schumacher. He's more than happy to wear (and act as a design consultant it seems for the C3 Schuberth from reading their website) a so-called 3 star lid when racing motorcycles. MotoGP; both previous world champions Ninky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa have both been wearing Arai RX7s' in the past. Again, these guys are THE worlds best at what they do. Maybe they take the SHARP rating (as a 3 for the Corsair) with a pinch of salt. Hmmmmm....... Now, I'm not sure if either these racers/riders either haven't seen the SHARP test ratings or if some other force is at work, but as they seem to be good enough for them I am going to presume/assume that they are good enough for us! ;) :)


Oh dear, looks like the OP has run out of arguments. This is a good 'deal', just not a very safe helmet.

HJC ZF-10 £49.99 Motorcycle Helmet - £49.99 @ Lidsdirect P&p 5.95
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Posted 11th Oct 2011Posted 11th Oct 2011
HJC ZF-10 £49.99 Motorcycle Helmet - £49.99 @ Lidsdirect P&p 5.95
Excellent price for a helmet that scores 4 out of 5 sharp rating Not as good as shoei or arai but does not come with the £300 price tag SHARP Helmets - the motorcycle helmet safe… Read more

Plus £5.95 delivery. Price should be amended.

Free Oxford Tool Kit (£4.95 P+P) @ LidsDirect
Posted 31st Aug 2011Posted 31st Aug 2011
Free Oxford Tool Kit (£4.95 P+P) @ LidsDirect
Click on the MCN logo on the right hand side and register, then click the MCN logo again. Lids Direct has teamed up with MCN, the world’s leading source of biking news, to bring y… Read more

Offer has finished guys.


i cant see the offer any were


Just ordered mine, I hope it fits under my seat! Only cost me £4.49 btw.


Click on the MCN logo on the right hand side and register, then click the MCN logo again.


Sorry don`t see the offer anywhere

FREE pack of 3 Oxford Comfy Neck Warmers worth £13.99 - £3.49 delivery @
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Posted 9th Dec 2010Posted 9th Dec 2010
FREE pack of 3 Oxford Comfy Neck Warmers worth £13.99 - £3.49 delivery @
To claim your FREE pack of 3 Oxford Comfy Neck Warmers worth £13.99 click ADD TO SHOPPING BASKET and follow the check out process - once we have processed the £3.49 P&P charge … Read more

Walking through town I popped in to Ethel Austin to find a gift for the OAP next door and spotted a similar single neck warmer, looked and felt rubbish and was £6 so this offering put a smile on my face more.


I got the same pack


Ahh received now call off the search party :) Just in time for the snow to lash it down!


Just had mine delivered, red n black flame like pattern, plain black, black with white dots. Haven't opened the packet as yet to decide if I want to be nice to my local sub post office master. Plus a 15% discount voucher for use in store or online. Thank you Adam and Lids :D


Typical, conflicting information, I think the T&Cs were posted up after the surge in orders but my order was made before the amendments to the site.

Free Kit Worth over £90 with any Helmet purchase from LIDS DIRECT.
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Posted 6th Sep 2010Posted 6th Sep 2010
Free Kit Worth over £90 with any Helmet purchase from LIDS DIRECT.
Buy any lid from this site and get these goodies free Oxford Helmet Bag - Roxster Visibility Top - Waterproof Motorcycle Cover 1L Muc-off Cleaner - Roxster 1.8m Cable lock - Total … Read more

Great deal, especially if you were buying a lid anyway. Slightly worrying though is this in the T&C's - 'This offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time and without notice'


Not a bad deal, I need a few of those freebies anyway.

Arai Chaser Jungle White Helmet + Free bag! @ LidsDirect £239
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Posted 29th Oct 2009Posted 29th Oct 2009
Arai Chaser Jungle White Helmet + Free bag! @ LidsDirect £239
Arai Chaser Jungle White Helmet (Size: Medium: 57-58) RRP £369.99 Our Price £239.95 including FREE UK DELIVERY* Dispatched same day if ordered before 1pm (Tue-Fri) · Super fib… Read more

Now £199.95. Bargain


wow cold voters!! if cold please explain? and where voting heat on the deal here, not how well it fits your head or how pretty it is!


I know...i got the HJC-HQ1 for £125 from lidsdirect, full carbon fibre 5* rated lid :D Very happy with it, but this is a cool lid and cheap for an Arai, my last Arai was £399!


Nice lid that! Just got a suomy at the bmf show, fits my small head better than the arai.


[image missing]