Life - Complete Season 1 DVD (Damian Lewis) - only £6.99 at Amazon.co.uk
Life - Complete Season 1 DVD (Damian Lewis) - only £6.99 at Amazon.co.uk

Life - Complete Season 1 DVD (Damian Lewis) - only £6.99 at Amazon.co.uk

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Absolutely cracking price for complete DVD series boxset. RRP £24.99.

Amazon.co.uk Review
A quirky drama with moments of startling originality, Life: Season One concerns Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis of Band of Brothers), a cop who spent 12 years in federal prison for murders he did not commit. Exonerated by DNA evidence, Charlie receives a multimillion-dollar settlement for his troubles and returns to his old job, though now as a detective. Cleared of the crime, Charlie still faces skepticism from his law enforcement brethren and the impatience of a new partner, Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi), a former drug addict squeezed by her superior (Robin Weigert) to find reasons to boot Charlie from the force. None of this hostility, however, compares with the terrible time Charlie experienced behind bars, where a former cop is everyone's punching bag. Charlie's sanity, saved by studying Zen methods of non-attachment, remains with him after he is released into a digital world, Charlie has a lot of catching up to do, but it is his post-prison unorthodox manner and tendency to speak without thinking that prove jarring for colleagues and crime witnesses. Still, it is easy to root for the guy and appreciate (non-attachment aside) his fondness for the good life: a mansion, fast cars, beautiful women, and lots of fresh fruit. The pilot episode is a knockout, the kind of show featuring moments one has never seen before, such as a scene in which Charlie is forced to shoot a suspect and then talks him through an almost dream-like death. Subsequent episodes are a little uneven in quality, but the overall package is quite compelling, particularly as Charlie quietly solves the mystery of the murders for which he was blamed. Throughout, Charlie's religious transformation in prison collides with his darker impulses toward possible revenge, making Life a fascinating study in conflict. --Tom Keogh
DVD Description
Life was his sentence. Life is what he got back. Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers) stars as the unconventional police officer-turned-convict-turned-detective with a second chance in each compelling Season One episode of the critically acclaimed mystery series Life. After twelve years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, offbeat Charlie Crews has returned to the force with a $50 million settlement, a new spiritual outlook, a strong fondness for fruit, and a highly unusual approach to solving crime. With the aid of his sceptical and demanding new partner, Dani Reese, played by Sarah Shahi (Rush Hour 3), he’s turning police procedure upside down in this unique and fast-paced series.

"Sharp, quirky, edgy new US crime drama"– Daily Mail

Special Features:

• Life Begins
• Fruits of Life
• Still Life
• Life’s Questions
• Answered
• Deleted Scenes
• Blooper Reel
• Audio Commentary with Cast and Crew


Best American TV series in aaaages. shame it got cancelled after S2.

Original Poster

By the way, Season 2 is also available for £8.97 (£29.99 rrp) See link below.
Lots more episodes (21) in Season 2 and the whole lot for £15.96 is a cracking price for some seriously good quality TV drama

Life - Season 2 DVD (Amazon)


Edited by: "golfyboy" 20th Dec 2010

worth a watch especially at that price

Good series, good price, shame it ended early!

great price


Good series, good price, shame it ended early!

at least it had a reasonable ending, instead of being cut short (like Jericho )

This is a good TV series, don't be put off if you've never heard of it... Suits those who go for quirky shows rather than your average CSI fan. This is a hot, hot price for some good quality TV. The 2nd series has more episodes in, so is even better value, but really you should watch the first series beforehand.

Excellent show and great price, Thank you.

Just ordered season 1 & 2 cheers OP & Golfyboy

Excellent show, its a shame Sarah Shahi was heavily pregnant towards the end of filming season 2. A must see for anyone that enjoys US Police dramas.
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