Life in Emergency Ward 10 £3.99 @

Life in Emergency Ward 10 £3.99 @

Found 31st May 2009
A real golden oldie here-early Joan Sims coupled with the wonderful Wilfred Hyde White-next best is £7.98 @ Borders.

This film is based on the popular British TV series Emergency Ward 10 and stars Michael Craig and Dorothy Alison. A surgeon arrives from America with a new heart-lung machine in order to save a young boy who has a hole in his heart. The doctor is treated coolly by a jealous rival, and an old man dies while on the new life-saving machine. Controversy erupts, among his more traditional colleagues, over the American doctor's experimental methods. Romance, humour and drama surround the doctors, nurses and patients, all leading to an inevitable hospital party.


Michael Craig, Wilfred Hyde-White, Dorothy Alison, Glyn Owen, Rosemary Miller, Charles Tingwell, Frederick Bartman, Joan Sims & Rupert Davies.

Robert Day

Universal Suitable for All
Year 1959


I Googled the film and your post was one of the results!

That was about 12 minutes after you first posted. Creepy:thinking:

Google is becoming a bit too invasive methinks

At the time I used to think the TV series was the dregs but looking at the cast list the film might be interesting. Or not....

I've just seen the release date - yes I really am 1,000 years old!

Well I can remember the TV series on ATV, Emergency ward 10. Mid that makes me a lot older!
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