Life Is Beautiful (La vita e bella) [DVD] £2.99 Free Delivery @

Life Is Beautiful (La vita e bella) [DVD] £2.99 Free Delivery @

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IMDb Top 250: #88
Life Is Beautiful (La vita e bella)
Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi & Horst Buchholz
£2.99 Free Delivery

Product Description:
"An inspired motion picture masterpiece, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL was nominated for 7 Academy Awards(R) -- winning 3 Oscars, including one for Best Actor Robert Benigni. In this extraordinary tale, Guido (Benigni) -- a charming but bumbling waiter who's gifted with a colorful imagination and an irresistible sense of humor -- has won the heart of the woman he loves and created a beautiful life for his young family. But then, that life is threatened by World War II ... and Guido must rely on those very same strengths to save his beloved wife and son from an unthinkable fate! Honored with an overwhelming level of critical acclaim, this truly exceptional, utterly unique achievement will lift your spirits and capture your heart!"


m8 go to sleep!!

One of my favourite films.

Best film ever!

Good price it's came down by £1 in just over a month…-3/ :thumbsup:

Great film and price!!

Wonderful film, well worth this price.

Outstanding film. Anybody and everybody who hasn't seen it should.

great film, loved benigni in down by law too, 'i screama you screama we all scream ice creama'


m8 go to sleep!!

You should.

amazing film. my favourite. you'd be mad not to at this price.

Bongiorno Principessa! Excellent film. Hot.

Wonderful film - possibly best ever

Great Film - Great Price. Hot.
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