Life Is Strange Limited Edition Xbox One £16.99 Argos

Life Is Strange Limited Edition Xbox One £16.99 Argos

Found 29th Jun 2016
Was down from £24.99 to £19.99 but has dropped to £16.99. Obviously cheaper to own digitally but you could keep soundtrack and art book and get £14 credit for game at Cex.


can get for about £8- £9 digital on Russian store. if that helps any1. great game

Great game - and the soundtrack is well worth having - and it's always nice to have a boxed version!

Good spot, have been considering getting this for a while, Heat Added

Good game. Have it on PC though. Can complete it in around 15 hours though. As another guy said just trade it into CEX when completed

What about the PS4 version?


What about the PS4 version?

That looks to be £22.99 on Argos

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It look them a week to drop the price from £19.99 to £16.99 for Xbox one. They have only just dropped the price for PS4 so give it a while it might go down again.

Thanks for posting. Amazon is doing it for the same price on Prime, so I've ordered there.

Have some heat !
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