Life is Strange (Steam) Episode 1 for free or All Episodes (1-5) for £3.99

Life is Strange (Steam) Episode 1 for free or All Episodes (1-5) for £3.99

Found 3rd Jan 2018
I have not posted any game deals before but this seems to be a bargain (-75% off)
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It's a good game! Worth the money
This is must buy at the current price. It is also the same Price on the PS4 at the moment but it is a flawed game.

Some of the gameplay elements are functional at best and lazy at worst with the odd moment of brilliance. It has similarities to the Telltale games in which you choose the dialogue options and how to interact with characters. But you don't have to live with that decision. You have the ability to rewind time and try another dialogue option and work out what potentially arise from that option. The setting and musical score really emphasises that take your time aspect and let things stew until you are comfortable to continue

It is a game that really encapsulates a lot about teenage life in way that I haven't really seen before. At first glance things might seem a bit 'Sixth Form' and stretching idea of the butterfly effect but there is a genuine warmth and sincerity to it all but what the developers Dontnod Entertainment excelled at doing is creating a genuinely moving character dynamic between Max and Chloe.

This game was seen as a sleeper hit for a reason when released and is credited with saving the developers from a dire financial situation after the disappointing sales of the ambitious, flawed and now ironically titled Remember Me

The second game although narrative prequel is also reduced on the PSN at £9.99 and £13.99 for the standard and delux versions respectively
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excellent game, loved it! definitely recommend.
Loved the game, but I gotta say a lot of the characters, including Max and Chloe, started getting on my nerves after a while. Just like real teenagers I guess
@BuzzDuraband Recommended.
Flawed but compelling..And steal at the price. Play the free first episode through first, if you're unsure.
Also invest in plenty of tissues because, you know, you might get something in your eye a few times playing this.
Fantastic game, with a great story which you sculpt by the decisions that you make for the lead character. Before the storm also has been a great game, but life is strange for £3.99 - bargain.
I believe this has now expired....
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