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Found 17th Nov 2016Found 17th Nov 2016
Below is a full list of LIFE mobile deals. LIFE mobile only operate with 3G data speeds, and on the 29th November will become Plusnet Mobile. 30 day rolling SIM only contracts. S… Read more
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Is Anybody on a Life mobile with 4g Upgrade?.... Orginally on a 3G at point of purchase (Upgarded on the 7th Successful Direct Debit) & also Paying The Same Price "4g For The Price Of 3g" back then Im currently on the £5.95 1.5gb 1000min ult texts uswitch deal! As im approaching my 7th payment in dec 2016... life are now are now expecting be to upgraded pay extra to Plusnet tarrifs. to upgraded to 4g now from £7.50pm




That's been there for long time....won't be long before pluscrap pull that one also.


broadbandchoices deal now 5000 minutes unlimited texts 6gb £12.95


I wonder why.....oh yes pluscrap got hold of it.

Life Mobile 30 Day SIM Only deal (Broadband Choices Exclusive) UNLTD mins 6GB Data at £12.95 per month
Found 13th Nov 2016Found 13th Nov 2016
Broadband Choices Exclusive Life Mobile 30 Day Sim Only Unlimited Minutes 5000 Texts 6GB Data (3G) Smart Cap (£1 to £50) £12.95 per month Best deal for 3G data using the UK's bigge… Read more
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​hi, please send me the link to the £120 Chinese phone. Thank you.


I just hope they do not increase the prices once Plusnet takes over at the end of the month... Happy with my £5.95 plan


FAQ section states mates rates for existing broadband customers


Downloads are ok, upload is still only 1mb ;)


I'm tied in to a cheap fibre deal with Plusnet until July 17. Hoping for a good deal for my two Life SIM's. Do you have a link for this double data deal for existing customers?

Life Mobile 30 Day SIM Only deal (Broadband Choices Exclusive) 3000mins 3GB Data at £9.45 per month
Found 13th Nov 2016Found 13th Nov 2016
Broadband Choices Exclusive Life Mobile (EE Network) Sim Only 30 Days Contract 3000 Minutes 5000 Texts 3GB Data (3G) Smart Cap (£1 to £50) £9.45 per month Best deal for 3G data usi… Read more
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hot now cold when they move to plus net. plusnet will cripple this company


​​life mobile customer service is the worst in britain i can safely say id be staying away from these bunch of clowns


I had to pay EE/T-Mobile £10 a year or so ago for a replacement sim, so £3.50 isn't bad. Have been with Life for 4+ months now and haven't had any problems, great customer service. Would definitely recommend.


It's £5 for a replacement 3 SIM card unless you haggle on the phone well someone else's mobile to 3

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LIFE Mobile (EE) 1000 mins, 5000 texts, 1.5GB data - £5.95 (1 month contract)
Found 11th Sep 2016Found 11th Sep 2016
uSwitch exclusive. Great deal if you're after a cheap sim only plan with a decent amount of data. Smart cap buffer - as low as £1. Great customer service (UK based). Only slight… Read more

And the problems are back again. Feel sick of this network !!!


Precisely the post i was looking for :p I knew I'd read it before but was looking in the wrong place. Thanks!


See this which was posted on the SIM only thread.


Anyone that's passed the 6 month threshold and upgraded to 4G...... What kind of plans/prices were you offered?


They just told me to contact EE as they are using their network... I was having a good signal before and the problems started only last week but after that chat my signal improved so I don't know what they did. He did say there is nothing that they can do but there you go... A single bar is better than no bar believe me :-)

LIFE Mobile via uswitch - 2000 minutes, 5000 Texts, 3gb Data, 1 Month contract
Found 4th Sep 2016Found 4th Sep 2016
Uswitch £9.45 Exclusive £9.45 PER MONTH £9.45 Exclusive 2000mins 5000texts 3GB Data 30 Days Please note this is 3g data only but with EE it normally is about 15MB/sec download … Read more

Have great reception with Life, was on EE before so knew had good reception in my area. Also great customer service! It just depends on your area which sim only deal is best for you. Heat.


Customer service is good & efficient, but!!!! signal is very poor, wife has same iPhone on EE and gets 4g my phone on Life is just on E, would have thought I was going to get 3g but my data speed is shockingly slow!! if you want cheap then this is what cheap looks like.....


I found customer service to be really great but despite living in a big city I often found myself with absolutely no signal at all.


just did speed test. Central london city 1pm lunch time busy time. 7mp download 0.7 upload. who needs more??? netflix 1080p is 4mb!


Life customer service is really good. Highly recommended for signal etc too

LIFE Mobile (EE) unlimited mins and texts, 6Gb of 3G data for £13.45 month (30 day contract)
Found 7th Aug 2016Found 7th Aug 2016
I've just switched to this I know the MVNO companies can be a nightmare at times with customer service, but this one has been bought by its own network (EE) and is now run by them … Read more

Because for your average mobile phone handset, in practical terms 4G speeds are somewhat unnoticeably faster that 3G. Also, this deal provides a very fast speed anyway, better coverage, and absolutely loads more for less money. There is not a 4G deal that comes close to this. ID are the closest but, if you've tried them you won't use it as an argument!


After 6 months you can switch to a 4G plan with the same data/minutes/30 day contract etc for about £2 more. I just switched and am consistently getting 50mbps+ in Edinburgh. Highly recommend.


​because lifes 3g is faster than most 4g networks steveeeeeo!


Terrible takes ages for hem to pay out for cash back already been waiting two months


They're facing a problem at the minute that they're aware of. Dropped calls. You'll b speaking to someone and the call will cut out.

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Sim only  for £4.95 a month from life mobile. It has 600 minutes, 5000 texts and 500mb data.lifemobile
Found 14th Jul 2016Found 14th Jul 2016
You can get a cheap sim only for £4.95 a month from life mobile. It has 600 minutes, 5000 texts and 500mb data.

honeymoster86 - the deal you refer to - 1000 minutes etc - has either expired, according to the Uswitch website via your link, or is £7.45 a month.


Just something to be aware of, you can't text 5 digit numbers from Life Mobile (i.e. 50032) - apparently the network doesn't support it. Crazy.


​Only if you take out a phone plan with them


IF you are with LIFE mobile for 6 months, they will offer you 4G at a slightly higher cost. Just checked.


Any providers offering 1gb 4G for about £7?

Found 8th Jun 2016Found 8th Jun 2016
Mini - 300 minutes and 5000 texts, 500MB data (3G data) NOW £4.95 month £5.50 Get Cashback (5.50-4.95) + 0.55 with TCB Value - 500 minutes and 5000 texts, 1GB data (3G data) NOW £7… Read more

Terrible for paying out been waiting ages and still haven't had it


Anyone know how long they take to payout on topcash back? Been waiting a whole now still in pending state


regarding them using your WiFi data, your 100% wrong.... However, thats not to say theres isn't an issue on the account.


BEWARE!!! Having just received a sim and had a quick look at the usage on the website, it appears that they take into account ANY data used regardless of whether its over the network OR your house WiFi. I can be 100% sure that i am correct as the sim is for my sons phone and he has only used it in the house since the sim card was activated and we cannot get any mobile signal indoors let alone enough to use the internet oh and the obvious fact that its connected to my WiFi. I have just sent them an email asking why and will update when i have an answer.


The Smart Cap is not very smart though as I found out yesterday. I used up my data allowance and so was charged £1 for 250MB for 24 hours (all I needed as it turns out as my tariff renews today). Unfortunately, because my Smart Cap is set to £1, I also simultaneously had my data disconnected by Life Mobile to prevent further chargeable events. This means that I couldn't even use the 250MB that I had just been (over)charged for. For the price I can't find anything better but I still struggle to recommend them.

Lifemobile 30 day sim only 4000 mins / 5000 texts / 4gb of 3G data £1
Found 31st May 2016Found 31st May 2016
Dare I say anymore? Where else can you get all of this for a quid? A better deal than the one offered here… Read more

Same here. Over 2 years! :o


July 2018 and it's still working for me - 4GB for £1 - shame it's only 3G but works well enough for me in London.


might be just me, but areas where i used to get 3G now i only get E , anyone else get the same ? its mainly rural areas that are affected


Same here, got 2 sims and still £1 each.


I noticed that I'm still being charged £1, as long as I am and getting the same service I will stay with them

Lifemobile 1 month - 2000 minutes / 5000 texts / 1 GB data - £1.00
Found 31st May 2016Found 31st May 2016
Hi all, Sunday evening I did a reviews reading about life mobile, as I wish to change my current 12 months contact and I found on one of the websites the following plan: Tariff Na… Read more

Funnily enough, I think the same. Originally only went for one as thought that'll be enough for my needs easily if it is honoured, but kinda wish I'd got a second one to use as a data only sim now.


The deal that just keeps giving


Gave my £1 sim to my daughter to use. She uses it to call or message us on her way to and from school...


Would you believe it - our holiday in France finishes a few days before this starts! :( Fantastic though, well done PlusNet...


​Just wish I'd taken out more of them :( Wonder if we'll make the year mark? Don't see why not...

ĺife mobile 2000 mins -5000 texts - 2gb data £9.45 30 day contract
Found 26th May 2016Found 26th May 2016
great deal 9.45 a month
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Comment Pardon?


​lol they're useless a friend of mine lost a sentimental number that he had for 16 years with various different providers when he moved to virgin lost it. number now gone into "quarentine" and theres no way back.


Yep for pac number. Virgin never even offered another deal. Foreign call centres are great! After canceling they said 'thank you for calling virgin,anything else I can help you with!?'


​u pac your number?:p


Mines gone up 30%. Not anymore thanks to life mobile.

Life Mobile 30 Day SIM Only deal 6GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Texts at £13.45pm Broadband Choices Exclusive
Found 6th May 2016Found 6th May 2016
Life Mobile Broadband Choices £13.45 Exclusive For £13.45 per month 30 Day SIM Only contract 6GB Data (3G) Unlimited Minutes & Texts Uses EE's network
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Why has mine defaulted to 4000 mins unlimited text and 4gb data after checkout? I done this through broadband choices link but everything defaulted to the above... Seems as though they have two deals for same price. Ill be ringing them tomorrow.


i tether fine. but they keep charging me 15 quid a month and need to chase them but always too busy at work


Wife been switched since last week, number ported within 2 days, customer service was brill and no issues at all


Switched today. Brilliant service


Anyone had issues recently of 3g going to 2g most cases I can't use Internet when in one place for a period of time

LIFE Mobile SIM only (Broadband Choices) - 3GB data - 3000 minutes - Unlimited texts - With Tethering £10.45 per month
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
Some Life Mobile deals have been posted and people commenting they are not as good as last month. 3Gb + 3000 mins + unlimited txt still available through Broadband Choices at £10.4… Read more

OK, Life sent me a new sim which has fixed the picture messaging problem. Still no tethering though :(


I gave Life Mobile about 3 weeks on £6 per month tariff, very happy with everything apart from data connection disappearing for days at a time. Now with EE and no connection problems at all, but paying 3 times the price


Brief update - website states tethering is included so it looks like my issue is account specific. Life have tried their best but after 11 days I still can't tether or send/receive picture messages.


Very poor support. Sim delivered 3 days now, Already paid first month CCard and setup DD for further payments, yet no SIM activation and live support no help. Avoid.


As a test, I bought a £1 EE data sim card and tried that in my phone. Tethering works fine which leaves me now thinking that Life Mobile have purposefully disabled tethering on my account :(

LIFE Mobile 1000 mins/5000 txts/1gb Data £5.95 per month
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
Just signed me and the wife to this sim only deal after 3 mobile upped their prices.
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Ran out of data so called to buy a bolt on. It then took then 5 days to get my data reset and working again. Complete jokers.


I can also confirm this as it was the first thing i asked when i phoned to activate my through straight away to an English call centre and they were great. :)


You'll keep getting the 1000mins per month for as long as you stay with LIFE mobile... you just need to sign up before the end of April to get the double minutes offer.


If I take this deal before the end of April, does my rolling contract revert to 500mins next month or do I continue to get the 1000mins ? Thanks.


perfect for my dad tbh

LIFE Mobile Spring Sale; Double Minutes on all 1 month rolling contracts!
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
Just noticed they have doubled up minutes on all 1 month SIMs. They can be capped & run on EE's network! 600min / 5000txt / 500mb = £4.95 1000min / 5000txt / 1gb = £7.45 200… Read more
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tascheman Uswitch £5.95 Exclusive 1000 min / 5000 txt 1GB = £5.95 Uswitch £9.45 Exclusive 2000 min / 5000 txt / 2GB = £9.45 Broadband Choices £10.45 Exclusive 3000min / Unlimited txt/ 3GB = £10.45 Broadband Choices £13.45 Exclusive Unlimited min / Unlimited txt / 6GB = £13.45


I just rang life to ask if they have a better deal can I move to it. He said yes. So I guess there is no harm in calling and changing tariffs.


My number got ported to Life to today and so far very happy. Every time I rang customer service they picked up within 1 ring and new what they were doing. When I rang ID mobile they seemed clueless on the phone.


So if your an existing member you can't just upgrade to double minutes with the same cost.


Cheers, I contacted Life mobile and they confirmed the same. Looks like a win win, TPO move you up and down with your allowance and monthly cost (when they change the plan) so at least if you are happy with the plan you sign up for you know what you get. Having some issues with signing up at the mo (which they are trying to resolve ), they seem helpful and willing but confused.

Lifemobile - Unlimited minutes & Unlimited text & 6GB of data £13.45 / 30 day
Found 23rd Feb 2016Found 23rd Feb 2016
I don't think anyone posted this deal: Tariff Name: Broadband Choices £13.45 Exclusive UK Minutes: Unlimited UK Texts: Unlimited Data: 6GB Contract Length: 30 Days Monthly Cost… Read more

Old deal but is still on: Or if you want to go through scroll down to "Best SIM-only deal with unlimited call-time" > Get deal


Cash back?


They credit checked me.


Apparently they do now - it was mentioned over on a different thread and I had it today when I applied. :(


I dont think so, top left mentions no credit check.

CHEAP DEALIO! -- 500 Minutes 500 Texts 500MB Data -- for just £4.95 per month - Sim only with smart cap Tariff Mini from Life Mobile
Found 15th Jan 2016Found 15th Jan 2016
For those that don't use their mobiles as much as everyone else and want to pay the cheapest price possible while still getting a good service. Service is provided by the EE networ… Read more
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Topcashback of £5.05 available on the mini tariff too. Good find OP.


What is the £6 deal?


sorry, i dont use the internet at all because i can pop in two sim cards in my phone. i use EE data :) otherwise i can vouch for life mobile. cheappppppp


Having problems connecting to 3G and GPRS with Life Mobile since joining this week. The Tweakker site to set up no longer works and unable to edit my APN settings on IOS 9. How have others got around this?


Bought 2 life sim cards through uswitch for £6 each for myself and my daughter. Ordered on Thursday and arrived next day - early morning - sick of paying huge amounts on 2 year contracts.

LIFE Mobile 2000 min, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited 3G, 30 Days for £5.00 per Month
Found 6th Jan 2016Found 6th Jan 2016
OK - no idea whether this will be honored by LIFE Mobile. But I stumbled upon on this page on their website where they are offering allowances as per the title. https://lifemobile… Read more

Sounds more expensive than Three's own 321 sim unless the data is a better deal?


Or you could get a Three PAYG sim to start with and pay 3p per min - duh. And people stop voting this hot - it should be expired because it never existed.


Just a mistake mate don't be like vultures we don't like people exploiting us and we shouldn't do the same! They would not survive offering this and as a 30 day contract they don't have to honour it at all! If they did it would be 30 days only!


Interesting EE now own Life Mobile, it started out as a Phones 4 U Virtual Mobile Network. When Phones 4 U went pop they put out this announcement "Life Mobile customers I'm a Life Mobile customer, what does this mean to me? Life Mobile has gone into administration. However, unlike Phones 4u, it's currently continuing to operate, and customers can continue to use their phones as normal. Their number is below if you need anything. LIFE Mobile Customer Service: 0844 3221 133"


Not a deal as its not live from either their homepage or from uswitch. Would have been hot if it was an actual live deal.

LIFE Mobile 1 Month Sim Only Deals - FREE after Quidco Cashback!!!
Found 20th Dec 2015Found 20th Dec 2015
Was looking at taking out a sim only contract for just 1 month. Saw that Quidco was giving cashback on LIFE Mobile sim only contracts. Dependin… Read more
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Excellent find OP. Heat Added. I have ordered one for myself as I am sim only now. I only really need the minutes and 500 is plenty on the mini tariff. I will get my old man to swap too. I take it you can port numbers to these guys like everyone else? Just get a PAC code from current supplier and give it to these guys. Topcashback are doing £5 off too at the moment


That's weird. Bought SIM Only 1 Month Contract 3000 minutes 3GB Data Quidco tracked at £30 Anyone else have this ?


need to add pre quidco price, cashback NOT guaranteed, think them theres the rules :{


​I got both! Got the Quidco..then got them to price match uswitch. But if I was joining today I would go via uswitch to guarantee the £6/month. Quidco is hit & miss anyway


​I expect a lot from the main providers because you pay big bucks but accept that smaller networks operate differently with less budgets/manpower etc so I'm happy with Life over last 3 months. Some people want the world...but not pay for it!

500 min, 500 texts 500mb date £5 pm Rolling contract @ Life Mobile
Found 28th Nov 2015Found 28th Nov 2015
500 minutes, 500 texts, 500mb plus possible Quidco for £5 month rolling contract.....
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I have been with life for about 3 weeks and so far I couldn't be happier. Good price and network has been spot on :)


I checked out reviews and all the mobile companies have had poor reviews even Tesco my current provider and Ive never had any issues.


Thanks preecey, Im currently on Tesco £7.50p/m 500mins, 5000txt, 500mb data 1 month contract, think I will move to life mobile. thanks for the respnse.


The comment they made is absolutely shocking. EE is a vastly superior network to Tesco/O2, they have significantly more 3G and 4G coverage than Tesco/O2 so it's clear they're telling a pack of lies.


Is Life Mobile any good. I called Tesco Mobile for my PAC and they were going on about they piggy back on EE, you wont get the same service etc etc etc, take it that was just scare mongering. I wont use all those minutes, but its the 1GB data that I want.