Life of Brian BLURAY - £2.99 @Tesco Entertainment!

Life of Brian BLURAY - £2.99 @Tesco Entertainment!

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I haven't included the possible 15% off or can work that out for yourselves! Put an order in quick and you may be lucky, it says despatched next working day... ...I ain't going for it as already have this classic!

...piccie may look like DVD but description and URL are definately BD!!


Release Date: 03.12.2007

Not a blu ray

IF it is, they won't honour it.

Will see if it come off - they did post my spider man blu ray boxset today for £8.90.

Is Adolf in the blu version?

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...just print out the page, says Bluray quite clearly on there so you can always send it back for a refund! ...out of interest, can you return online purchases instore??

waste of time, i ordered pirates of the carribean blurays last week and they canceled 3 days later.

The Blu Ray was released on 3 Dec 2007. May as well give it a punt as I was considering it yesterday for £6.99 instore at That's Entertainment at Royal Quays.


Release Date: 03.12.2007

That's exactly when it was released.

hot price I also had my Spiderman boxset sent today X) X) X) but had my £25 24season 8 boxset cancelled so i have no idea what will happen to these!!!

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Taken a punt on this. Cheers OP

Ordered, Worth a shot.

I'm not even gonna bother with these offers from Tescos with there mis-prints very Cold as it will be canceled due to no stock.

worth a punt, didnt think the pirates of the caribbean or pinocchio blu rays would be honoured but this just might....they are going to get some stick if they have messed up again!

Ordered. Heat added. Don't forget code "FTSL15-1" for 15% off as well!
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Ordered, £3 is worth the punt, if its cancelled not too fussed. If I get a voucher if its cancelled even better.

Will not be doing the "how dare they, I demand my £3 Blu-Ray, this is illegal lets sue, lets never use them again" which seems to be what people do with Tesco misprice deals.

Am likely wasting the skin on my fingers typing this, but on the previous misprice deals with Tesco's they honoured it to people who only ordered one

So be greedy by ordering early Christmas preasants and you get none. (I say that as everyone likes to justify it as Christmas/birthday gifts).

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Ordered this, T3, Resi Evil and Ghost Rider at about 10am this morning (wanted to make sure orders went through before starting a thread on here (_;)). So far they're still sitting on 'awaiting dispatch'

Don't think this one is a blu-ray

Due to a temporary warehouse closure, delivery of some orders placed between 12 midday on Thursday 9th September and 12:00am on Monday 13th September may be delayed by up to 24 hours (this includes pre-orders due for release on Monday 13th September placed after 2.30pm on Thursday 9th September) .Orders placed during this time will be despatched on Monday 13th September. Any order placed outside of this time period, including pre-orders due for release during this period, will not be affected.

Hope this arrives, my favourite movie of all time.

I'm Brian and so's my wife!

" Blessed are the Cheesemakers " LOL

Great film.. but be warned its a pretty grainy transfer on Blu Ray

"He has the highest **** in wome!" lol.

Would love to pay this price for this great comedy on blu-ray. Sadly though, Tesco have got to be the worst site out there for mispricing games/dvds. Ive had 3 orders since I signed up with them, cancel on me.

they have made it tem unavailable so good luck if you got in early, post back if you do get it

My Pirates order was cancelled too, don't expect they will honour this one

Dear Phil

We thought you'd like to know that the following item has been despatched and should be with you in a few days.

Item Format Price Status

Monty Python's Life Of Brian BLURAY £2.54 Despatched

Kind regards,
The Tesco entertainment Team

Yes Dispatched!

Yes, mine's despatched as well! Thanks again OP

Mine too has been dispatched. Now will it be a dvd or blu-ray!?

Mine also got dispatched, huzzah!

Yep "Monty Python's Life Of Brian ... BLURAY" = depatched. Thanks OP!

dispatched! told you they would honour this one

As above, despatched

Just hope it's as described.

Arrived today and as described!


Arrived today and as described!

Mine too, am smitten as a

Can't believe they sent them, the one i didn't go for, they send.


Can't believe they sent them, the one i didn't go for, they send.

As I said further up Tescos are usually good for honouring mis prices (if this is what it was) as long as you only order 1 copy of it.


JJ Lamour



Mine arrived too. The search engine on this forum is bizarre. Took me ages to dig out this thread. Had to use google in the end!
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