Life on Mars Season 2 DVD - £17.99 (plus 10% Quidco)
Life on Mars Season 2 DVD - £17.99 (plus 10% Quidco)

Life on Mars Season 2 DVD - £17.99 (plus 10% Quidco)

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"Am I mad? In a coma? Or back in time?" The answers are finally here in the second and sadly final series of "Life On Mars". 21st century copper Sam Tyler (the excellent John Simm) continues to puzzle out the conundrum of why he's stuck in 1973, while getting involved in some sticky 1970s crime situations.

This series sees Sam investigating, among other things, a serial killer, race hate crimes, IRA bombings, and, bizarrely, wife-swapping parties! Some excellent 70s touches even include a faithful "Camberwick Green" style animation of Sam, looking unhappy because Gene Hunt is "kicking in a nonce". Bonding with his hirsute 70s counterparts is as difficult as ever, as his liberal approach to policing is met with contempt and bafflement.

Leading the bafflement is Philip Glenister as DCI Gene Hunt, one of the most memorable TV cops of all time. As a man of his time, Gene is free to dispense the most hilariously wrong and politically incorrect one-liners at any time, drives his Cortina like a maniac and asks questions with his fists. His excellent mismatched chemistry with Tyler is at the heart of the show and provides both pathos and amusement.

The series finale is powerful stuff. Has Sam betrayed the team? Is he even who he thinks he is? And if he gets back to 2007, what happens to his friends in 1973? One of the most original cop shows ever comes to a lump-in-the-throat end in this DVD set.

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