Life On Mars - Series 1 - Complete [Blu-ray / 2 Discs] - £9.98 delivered @ Amazon !

Life On Mars - Series 1 - Complete [Blu-ray / 2 Discs] - £9.98 delivered @ Amazon !

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£8.71 on DVD

LIFE ON MARS is a throwback to the crime-fighting style of the 1970s, drawing its inspiration from such TV series as THE SWEENEY and THE PROFESSIONALS. As was characteristic of classic 60s fantasy, the creators have taken some risks with the shows politically incorrect references, daring to be slightly subversive. While its creators are quick to brush off comparisons to fellow time-travelling TV series QUANTUM LEAP, there are obvious thematic similarities, however unconscious. John Simm (HUMAN TRAFFIC) ably stars as Sam Tyler, the fish-out-of-water detective who must piece together the mysteries of his own predicament, while solving the crime du jour. The show takes its title from David Bowies haunting theme song.


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Ive heard the blu version is on par with an upscaled dvd but considering its only £1 more than dvd id say its worth it - would order but have on dvd

Hot from me. When's the Betamax version coming out?

I've been rewatching this recently and the problem now is I can't get the song 'Life Of Mars' out of my head and am humming it day in day out at work!!

A great tv show. Great price £9.98 for blu ray. I have it on DVD and paid £12.99 for it.

I loved this show-what a great price for a blu ray-voted hot.

Ouch thats soooo cheap, but i've already got the DVD version...otherwise i'd buy this NOW!!!

excellent show, hot price. voted hawwwt.

not the greatest of video quality. not by a long shot.

has TrueHD audio, so not all bad.
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