Life On Mars Series 2 Boxset - £13.97 in-store (£15.97 on website)

Life On Mars Series 2 Boxset - £13.97 in-store (£15.97 on website)

Found 4th Dec 2007
Product Details
Actors: Philip Glenister John Simm Dean Andrews Marshall Lancaster Liz White John Simms
Director: Richard Clark Andrew Gunn SJ Clarkson
Series: Life On Mars

Languages: English
Region: Region 2

Special Features: Disk 1 - The Return of Life on Mars.
Disk 2 - Behind the Scenes of Episode 3 - Car Bomb.
Disk 3 - Behind the Scenes of Episode 5 - Camberwick Green.
Behind the Scenes of the CID Set.
Disk 4 - The End of Life on Mars.
Behind the Scenes of Episode 7 - Courtroom.
Behind the Scenes of Tufty's Cameo.

"My name is Sam Tyler. I had an accident and woke up in 1973. Am I mad? In a coma? Or back in time?

Since DCI Sam Tyler awoke, dazed from a car accident, things have felt a little bit off kilter. About 30 years off kilter...

In this thrilling final series of Life on Mars, Sam continues to try and work out why he's ended up in 1973 and in the meantime tries to make a difference to those around him. The team, led by DCI Gene Hunt, continue to fight crime and fight each other. Their investigations are just as though as ever - from investigating a spate of bombs in the heart of the Irish Community, to a murder in an underworld boxing club, and even undercover with some swingers in middle-class suburbia.

But as the series unfolds, Sam is still driven by his quest to find a way out of this world. What has happened to him? And why is he there? Maybe if he can work out the reason, he can get home....

This is £13.97 in-store - that's the price on the shelf label, and it scans at that price.

For some reason, it's more expensive on their website £15.97.
- Lester Burnham

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