Lifeventure thermal mug £5.40 with code @ Millets  free C&C + 2.1% TCB

Lifeventure thermal mug £5.40 with code @ Millets free C&C + 2.1% TCB

Found 28th Dec 2014
This is the cheapest I've seen the lifeventure mugs and they're the best quality you can get for this kind of mug in this price range at £12 RRP.

You need to enter code EXTRA10 to get the 10% off at this price plus you can get 2.1% TCB. Free C&C but millets let you collect from other non millets stores so if you don't have a close local millets it's worth putting your postcode in and seeing what pops up.

The code EXTRA10 works on all items on the website even sale items so it's worth having a snoop.

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These are excellent. Use them on side of football/rugby pitches while watching my sons. Keep drinks hot much longer than most insulated drink holders. Great price. Normally at least £10. Heat added.
bought one. great for the golf course
Great for the price but if you can get a contigo on sale then they are quite a bit better.
went for the bright blue one, thanks
Ordered thanks
These are brilliant, kept coffee hot all the way up Snowdon and use daily for my commute to work, doesn't leak unlike other travel cups!
Heat. Good price. Very few Millets around these days to C+C from
Poorly designed lid in my opinion. Difficult to screw on / screw off. Got mine for free as a promo gift but certainly wouldn't pay money for it.
Nothing pops up for me in stored, not even a town where the actual store is! Useless search.
Good price for a pretty naff product (from our long term experience with this)
& if you reckon this is good you had some right old muck before! X)

We "had" 2, pretty soon one failed thermally (it's polystyrene inside as I recall). 45mins & the temp had dropped to cold & nasty!
The paint flakes if you put em through a dishwasher (SO DON'T)
& the lids screw very badly, ..please use utmost caution or it'll pee hot drink all over you.

Spend the money on better as has been stated by another hukd member.
(the best use I can think we got out of ours was for a small 2 person meal of herta-furters to keep them warmish on a picnic).

Plus point, the customer service is good for this firm (in my experience) & will send you spare silicone seals out for the top section when you lose it washing these up.

These do "taint" smell-wise so get them cleaned or rinsed out asap to keep yours fresh.

good price though for the less kit aware occasional users.
how big is this ?
Got two of these. As much as I like them I prefer to just take a flask. Keeps the contents warmer for longer and you get more.
Hot. They are fantastic. Paid over 10 quid for one those earlier in the year on amazon. Bring/make your own coffee at the uni or at work and you'll save a small fortune over time.

how big is this ?

you mean dims or capacity?

Capacity (give or take) is 0.33 Litre

(millets / blacks could help themselves by getting competent folk to write the specifications out, they may actually bloody well sell something as a result) oO

..So hard to find info on stock you hold FFS!
Just ordered, this is my second one. Love it! Solid quality product. Thanks. Code worked and able to pick up in local JD for free. Cheers. HOT
blue still in stock
Out of stock & extra10 code expired yesterday
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